CBD Punjab Reaching New Heights

CBD Punjab Reaching New Heights

CBD Punjab Gets Approval Of 750 Ft Height From Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

Lahore Central Business District Development Authority (LCBDDA) also known as Central Business District Punjab (CBD Punjab) gets another feather in its cap by getting an approval of 750 ft height for ‘Lahore Prime’ from Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Getting the approval of an iconic height is a milestone and history making achievement of the province of Punjab.

Lahore Prime comprises of twelve mixed commercial plots and out of these, five plots are auctioned in September 2021 with the approval of 500 ft height. An advanced aeronautical study was conducted by CAA with the support of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF). In this advance level study, all the possibilities and constraints were deeply researched and analyzed for practical implementation of skyscrapers to be built in CBD Punjab. CAA has ensured the protocols of safe flight operations while giving the provision for 750 ft construction height. 

Imran Amin – CEO LCBDDA said that “Approval of 750 ft height is the epitome of grandeur in real estate and rather extraordinary in the construction sector. CBD Punjab has come another step closer to the dream of our honorable Prime Minister, Mr. Imran Khan of giving Pakistan its first business district. I would like to show my profound gratitude to the management of CAA and PAF for providing their professional support and taking swift action on the request of CBD Punjab for the 750 ft height provision”.

The provision of 750 ft is a gateway to architectural masterpieces and iconic buildings. Business community will avail all the pros of the extra height provision like more sellable area for commercial purpose, construction advancement and provision of helipad. Lahore Prime’s five mixed commercial plots are auctioned on the FAR 1:18-1:24 with the proposed approved height of 500 ft. Now the height is increased to 750 ft so the bidders would have to buy extra height of the auctioned plots and will be part of history has reforming the skyline of Lahore. 

Every step of CBD Punjab is strengthening the oath of the authority to work for the betterment and economic development of Pakistan. The vigorous of approach of CBD Punjab has washed out all the myths and fears of economic instability and brushed up the image of Pakistan on world economic map.

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