LCBDDA Receives 700 Million USD Investment Proposal.

LCBDDA Receives 700 Million USD Investment Proposal.

Lahore Central Business District Development Authority (LCBDDA) also known as Central Business District (CBD) Punjab receives 700 million USD investment proposal from an engineering giant, Techno Engineering Services (TES).

Techno Engineering Services (TES) approached the team of CBD Punjab to provide Hi-Tech independent utilities by installing a captive power plant for uninterrupted electric power supply, natural gas, district cooling system (DCS), fresh water and sewerage treatment plant. 

The state of the art power plant proposed to CBD Punjab will be powered by LNG. The captive power plant is an embedded generation of uninterrupted power supply for Pakistan’s most anticipated business hub. The engineering firm tends to install 150 MW LNG plant which will use “waste heat recovery” process by reusing heat energy. 

CBD Punjab has always backed cost effective and ecofriendly initiatives and LNG power plant fulfills theme of CBD Punjab ecofriendly approach. LNG is considered to be the cleanest fueling source which doesn’t emit soot, dust or fumes and produces insignificant amount of sulfur dioxide making it very environment friendly. 

Imran Amin – CEO LCBDDA stated, “Our aim is to provide best possible ecofriendly utilities to residents across CBD Punjab. Acquiring investment proposal from renowned engineering firms like TES is laudable. It is evidently visible that CBD Punjab has paved the road to enlist Pakistan in first world countries. CBD Punjab is dynamic in contributing to country’s economic growth. Keeping insight the deteriorating air index these ecofriendly utilities are a step towards a greener and breathable Punjab’’. 

The canvas of CBD Punjab is massive which will be colored by sky scrapers, ultra-high-rise buildings and architectural masterpieces. Considering the weather conditions of Lahore, District Cooling System (DCS) is also proposed in the proposal. 

The proposal also has the provision for fresh water supply where is the raw water will be treated for all the impurities using modern internationally applicable techniques. Another environment friendly part of this proposal is treatment of sewerage water output of which will be used for horticulture and firefighting. Investment proposal of such hefty amount is a clear sign that CBD Punjab will be game changer and give new heights to Pakistan’s economic growth.

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