Mobilink Microfinance Bank Limited Enables Merchants to book Inventory on flexible loans Digitally

Mobilink Microfinance Bank Limited Enables Merchants to book Inventory on flexible loans Digitally

The largest digital bank of Pakistan, Mobilink Microfinance Bank Limited (MMBL) is ushering in unparalleled enablement for Pakistani traders and merchants by allowing them to book inventory on credit, via their distributor. The latest offer, being introduced in partnership with AdalFi – a digital lending fintech – completely digitizes the banking experience of its business customers, particularly the micro, small, and medium business enterprises by manifold. 

MMBL is the first and only microfinance institution to offer merchant lending based on credit scoring. Under MMBL’s digital brand DOST, applications for distributors and merchants, retailers can book inventory through MMBL’s seamless digital banking ecosystem through competitive and flexible financing. This will enable merchants to grow their businesses, besides providing convenience through notifications and options to repay via Inter Bank Fund Transfer (IBFT), or over the counter/branches.
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Chief Finance and Digital Officer, MMBL Sardar Mohammad Abubakr said: “MSMEs are the key to fostering economic prosperity and enabling a thriving environment for the country’s sustainable development. We are keen to use digital and financial technology to unlock the full potential of small and medium enterprises to catalyze a socio-economic transformation at the grassroots level. Growth trends during the pandemic indicate that MSMEs thrive on a digital model and our latest initiative has designed to sustain and further accelerate this growth wave.”

Salman Akhtar, CEO of AdalFi said: “We were delighted to partner with Mobilink Microfinance Bank to enable real-time credit disbursement to MSMEs. Our Digital Lending Platform enables Banks to credit score MSMEs entirely, digitally, and unlock access to credit. This is the first of several lending products we are planning to launch in collaboration with MMBL.”

MMBL has an excellent track record of harnessing the power of digital and financial technology to aid the growth of small and medium businesses across the country. The bank has an added focus on helping to accelerate the growth of women-owned and led enterprises, in addition to businesses operating across Pakistan’s remote and hard to access regions. The bank leverages its grand scale digital financial ecosystem to support nationwide economic progress and development through a bottom-up development approach and has showcased enviable results for the past many years. 

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