Introducing EcoStar Android 11 TV Series

Introducing EcoStar Android 11 TV Series

Introducing EcoStar Android 11 TV Series

Nothing brings a family together like the EcoStar that has all the #FeaturesThatMatter. Doesn’t matter if you’re hosting a game night with your friends or having a movie night with your family, EcoStar ensures the best viewing experience at such an affordable price.

EcoStar has introduced the new Android 11 series at an amazing price starting from just Rs. 37,500. The CX 32U871 – HD is available for just Rs. 37,500 whereas the 40” CX 40U871 – FHD is available for just Rs. 49,900 and the 40” CX 40U872 – FHD is available for just Rs. 51,900 and lastly the 43” CX 43U871 is introduced at an amazing price of just Rs. 53,900. We believe there are not many brands out there in Pakistan that offer such amazing features at such affordable prices.

The new Android 11 series comes with officially licensed Netflix, Youtube, and Amazon Prime that puts a world of entertainment right at your fingertips. Discover new series or binge-watch your favorite ones from the comfort of your home. Keep yourself up to date with what’s going on in the world of entertainment with a simple click of the button on the EcoStar Android 11 TV remote.

EcoStar Android 11 TV Series supports Google Assistant which gives you control of everything around you and also enables you to speak commands without having to type them. The licensed Google Play store gives you access to unlimited entertainment and applications that keeps you entertained whenever you feel like it.

You can relive your memories on the big screen with Chromecast feature that lets you cast your favorite pictures and videos on the stellar EcoStar TV screen. That’s not all, you can also connect your consoles and enjoy a fun gaming session with your friends and family or connect upto 5 devices simultaneously with Bluetooth 5.0. Take your gaming skills to another level with EcoStar TV as it offers lag-less gaming with the impressive Quad-Core Processor and GPU.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the amazing EcoStar Android 11 TV Series that has all the #FeaturesThatMatter by visiting your nearest EcoStar outlet or order online from the comfort of your home whenever and where ever!

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