vivo’s X80 to Feature Dual Chipset – Here’s What Pakistan’s Tech Gurus Have to Say!

vivo’s X80 to Feature Dual Chipset – Here’s What Pakistan’s Tech Gurus Have to Say!

Every person has a photographer inside who enjoys capturing moments in frames. Someone who enjoys freezing the wonderful memory associated with a specific place or person and keeping it close. Remember how our grandparents used to carry heavy camera equipment only to take a few shots on family vacations? Thanks to technological advancements, you may properly capture every moment without worrying about cost, storage or even lighting!

From the beginning of the X series, vivo was committed to providing high camera quality. vivo effectively incorporated camera technology such as Gimbal stabilisation, ZEISS portrait, ZEISS cinematic video, and much more in prior smartphones in the series, making it the ideal choice for any photography aficionados in Pakistan. vivo is constantly striving to amaze its customers by providing outstanding technology and pushing the boundaries with its luxury design, unique technologies, and abundance of features. And now, vivo is giving smartphone photography a whole new look. The company recently unveiled its own Imaging Chip V1+, which is a fully tailored integrated circuit chip targeted to imaging and video applications with cutting-edge visual quality. Over 300 R&D personnel and imaging lab experts at vivo spent more than 30 months developing the imaging chipset.


As per the reports, vivo X80 will be equipped with a dual imaging chipset, including the latest vivo V1+ chipset. The dual chipset will improve image quality and offer features you won’t find on competing devices. The X80 will offer improved low-light image quality, better focusing, and improved auto-exposure and auto-white balance, essentially making the cornerstones of photography even better. And this exciting offering is already making buzz with countries top tech KOL, who are eagerly waiting for the launch of the vivo X80. We asked their views on the dual chipset offering by vivo X80 and they explained what dual chip smartphone will mean for the people of Pakistan.


Pakistan’s leading tech KOL, Mastech, posted a video revealing the new dual chip feature and said, “Ever since the announcement, everyone was eagerly waiting for vivo to launch a smartphone with their inhouse imaging V1+ chipset. A dual chipset smartphone is going to revolutionize the market and users can now push boundaries with smartphone photography and leave their DSLR’s behind. The new X80 is going to beat every camera out there.”


Expressing his excitement, Ameer Dagha highlighted how the smartphone is going to help content creators in smoothly executing their work and capturing stunning photos and videos. He said, “Imaging chipset is one of the most crucial elements that determines the image quality, the color balance and sharpness of the image captured. With the dual chipset setup, the users are in for a delight. vivo is again hitting home run with upcoming vivo X80”.


Fahad Hanif, the leading photographer of Pakistan, expressed his love for smartphone photography and mentioned how he was always seeking for such a photography solution. “Over the time, smartphone cameras have really evolved, however the imaging technology always used to be a limitation and a reason why professionals never fully relied on smartphone cameras. However, with vivo’s inhouse developed V1+ chipset, the imaging solution gets drastically better. The ZEISS optic features and dual chipset setup makes the smartphone nothing less than a professional camera itself.


Pakistan’s other leading tech gurus including Akram Ali, Moina Shah also shared the videos on their social handles showing their love and enthusiasm for the upcoming smartphone. With every new feature reveal, the level of excitement and buzz keeps on increasing.


Pakistan is ready to witness the revolution in smartphone market and get their hands on the upcoming vivo X80 smartphone.

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