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Vivo Y55 WinsYouth’sHearts in Pakistan

Smartphones have wriggled their way into all aspects of our lives, and their usage has become unavoidable! Therefore, the need for youngsters to have a phone that helps in everyday tasks has not only increased but also evolved with time. Addressing these concerns, Vivo Y55 has met the expectations set by Pakistani users. 

Vivo Y55 has become one of the most loved youth-centric phones in the country. The device offers a striking combination of features, including an astonishing design, an amazing camera system, and a powerful performance that assists users in various functions. 

Let’s take a look at the topmost exciting features of Y55, which can make you fall in love with the device. 


For photography enthusiasts, the device offers a 50MP HD rear camera with 2MP Bokeh and 2MP Macro camera, allowing you to explore your personalized portraits in different settings. Its 16MP front camera also has features like Super NightMode and Aura Screen Light which significantly enhances the quality of self-portraits taken in a low lighting area or even at night. 


Vivo Y55 won’t test your patience while charging your phone battery. It is backed with a 44W FlashCharge and 5000mAh high-capacity battery, which can go all day long. The smartphone charges quickly & can manage energy efficiently with the Vivo Energy Guard (VEG). 


It is a problem-solving device for the younger generation, who uses their phones for extended periods without taking breaks. The powerful Snapdragon 680 ensures that the device used for long hours, regardless of how heavy the load is. This is a savior for gamers and people who love binge-watching shows with multiple seasons! 

Mr. Ahsan Ali, a software engineer, comes home to his hobby of relieving the day’s stress by playing video games on his phone. He said, “A lot of my work is dependent on my phone. I have multiple files downloaded so that I can access them in case I am not around my laptop. The files take up a huge amount of space, just like my favorite gaming apps. Storage was a major issue I faced with the previous smartphones I used but vivo Y55’s 128GB storage space and 1TB memory expansion option has made me stress-free! Moreover, the powerful processor and 8GB+4GB Extended RAM prevent the phone from slowing down despite the heavy load of extended usage and gaming. I’m very happy with this smartphone.” 

The smartphone comes in two color options: Midnight Galaxy and Ice Dawn. Both look very professional as well as stylish at the same time. The In-Display Fingerprint Scanner adds to the overall design and appearance with its subtlety. 

Vivo renowned as a brand that empowers its users with devices that serve their daily needs and meaningful. Practical innovation across price points. With 80% of its workforce deployed in research and development. The brand conducts rigorous studies and market surveys to read the consumer behavior and trends to deliver further the best-suited technologies that address the growing demands of young and diverse consumers. 

Considering the reviews we have seen. Vivo Y55 has appreciated by the users and has aligned itself with the consumer’s demands, as the company has always done. Hence, we can understand why the smartphone became so quickly loved by the Pakistani youth from different spheres of life!

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