Official Merchandise TECNO X BTW Collab is live and making waves across Social Media Platforms

Official Merchandise TECNO X BTW Collab is live and making waves across Social Media Platforms

This fusion of Technology and Fashion by TECNO and BTW has been generating a lot of hype on social media lately, and some of the most famous influencers of Pakistan have gotten behind this trend. These influencers have visited BTW stores all over Pakistan and picked their favorite outfits from the latest winter collection inspired by Mondrian Art.

TECNO has stepped up the fashion game with its star performer, the Camon 19 Pro Mondrian Edition, and the social media Influencers are rushing to their nearest BTW franchise to mix and match different outfits as well. Some of the most famous influencers who elevated their fashion game using outfits inspired by this Collaboration include Ayesha Shahveer, Hemayal and Aqsa Fawad, among others.

The Camon 19 Pro is one of the leading handsets in the Pakistani Market right now, and for a good reason. The 19 Pro Mondrian edition’s best unique feature is its aesthetically pleasing color-changing back which has taken the Market by storm! This phone has broken the barrier of what was considered stylish for a smartphone. Users love to pair this 19 Pro Mondrian edition with their colorful outfits and make a fashion statement out of it. This phone offers one of the best camera modules in its price segment, with a primary 64MP camera sensor, which offers an RGBW (G+P). This means this phone can capture and show white light in its pictures like no other smartphone in its price segment. Moreover, many camera modes like Pro Camera and Super night vision make photography a lot more fun. Armed with a 5000 mAh battery, a 120HZ refresh rate and an extendable ram, the 19 Pro blows the competition out of the water. Powering all of this is a MediaTek G96 processor, which ensures that the operations are silky smooth on the device.

We have good news for you if you want to purchase the new Camon 19 pro and 19 Pro Mondrian edition! Both phones are available at a price tag of PKR 49,999 and PKR 51,999 in offline markets. Apart from that, the Merchandise from this Collaboration is also up and running and BTW, stores throughout the country! So, run to the store and grab your favorite outfit before the stock runs out.

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