TECNO Emerges as a leading Gen Z brand in Pakistan with a focus on Style Statements and Technology

TECNO Emerges as a leading Gen Z brand in Pakistan with a focus on Style Statements and Technology

Nowadays, every consumer has different needs and expectations from their smartphone. Many brands in Pakistan have tried to come up with devices to cater to these needs. Most of these brands have not been able to pass the test of time. TECNO is among the few brands that have seen tremendous success in providing aesthetically pleasing devices with intelligent technologies to its customers, especially Gen Z.

In the spirit of this commitment, TECNO introduced the Spark 8C this year, which offers 7G ram paired with 128 GB ROM. With a battery that has a 5000-mAh capacity, it is sure to last throughout your busiest days! With a 90 Hz refresh rate, this phone is perfect for gaming and other processor-intensive tasks. This makes it ideal for Gen Z. To promote this fashionable device, TECNO launched a colorful and trendy Tiktok campaign for young people at heart!

The Camon 19 Neo was another aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced smartphone with its geometric design, dual camera setup, andpowerful 6 GB ram. This powerful smartphone did not compromise on fashion and was very fashionable. The Camon 19 Neo quickly became the new talk of the town and was seen being used by many famous influencers. One of the leading Pakistani social media influencers, Bakhtawar, had her photoshoot done with the Camon 19 Neo, demonstrating its trendy look!

The Camon 19 Pro was one of the most fashionable mobile devices inspired by Mondrian Artwork. The Camon 19 Pro also had one of the most advanced camera units. There was a dedicated portrait lens, a 64MP lens made for nighttime photography, among other sophisticated equipment. The Camon 19 Pro also had a Mondrian edition, which could change the color of its back under direct sunlight. This was a groundbreaking feature, so Influencers and Fashion enthusiasts rushed to get their hands on this new device. There was a Tiktok Campaign with the hashtag #ColorChangingDevice in which users posted pictures with their stylish Camon 19 Pro Mondrian while being stressed fashionably. This is why this phone is the perfect phone made for Gen Z before it caters to their needs.

TECNO collaborated with a prominent fashion Label called By the way (BTW), in which BTW designed winter clothes inspired by Mondrian Artwork. The Camon 19 Pro Mondrian also took inspiration from this artwork for its back design! The stock from this collaboration was sold out within a short period of its availability! Many famous influencers and social media personalities were invited to try their BTW pieces and take pictures with the new Camon 19 Pro Mondrian.



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