Top Professional Photographers Astounded by the Cameras of vivo V25 5G and V25e

Top Professional Photographers Astounded by the Cameras of vivo V25 5G and V25e

It is said thata picture taken with your camera is your imagination turned into, as a brand, understands this and encourages its usersto be creative and capture their precious memories in the form of gorgeous shots.


For this,vivohas been consistently integrating cutting-edge innovations and features of professional digital cameras in its smartphones.The brand recently launchedvivo V25 5G and V25e in Pakistan with gorgeous portraits andamazing imaging capabilities.


Pakistan’s top professional photographers Adeel Chishti and Fahad Hanifhave used the vivo V25 Series smartphones and testedtheir cameras. After using the smartphones for a month, Fahad and Adeel shared their experiences with the vivo V25 5G and vivo V25e respectively.

top-professional-photographers-astounded-by-the-cameras-of-vivo-v25-5g-and-v25e top-professional-photographers-astounded-by-the-cameras-of-vivo-v25-5g-and-v25e top-professional-photographers-astounded-by-the-cameras-of-vivo-v25-5g-and-v25e


Adeel, an avid portrait photographer and international photography judge, said he was thoroughly impressed with vivo V25e and emphasized his night portrait experience with the phone, stating, “My experience with night photography was truly magical. During night photography, we have to seek stability and an artificial light source to capture a portrait but with vivoV25e, I experienced one of the best portrait experiences without any struggle.


Fahad, who specializes in landscape and street photography echoed the same sentiment, saying, “The vivo V25 5G has some exceptional night photography ability. It allows you to take gorgeous low-light portraits with its ‘Super Night Portrait’ feature. Moreover, it offers a bokeh that seamlessly blends with the background and lives up to its name as the NightPortraitMaster.

top-professional-photographers-astounded-by-the-cameras-of-vivo-v25-5g-and-v25e top-professional-photographers-astounded-by-the-cameras-of-vivo-v25-5g-and-v25e top-professional-photographers-astounded-by-the-cameras-of-vivo-v25-5g-and-v25e


vivo V25 5G and V25e also come with the Natural Portrait feature which employsnatural effects to reveal unique facial features, as opposed to excessive beautification. Fahad called it one of his favourite featuresof the phone as it enhances the overall skin texture with clarity while retaining the sharpness of the image. Adeel further added thatdue to the Natural Portrait feature, he no longer has to retouch or edit images.


The photographers also highly appreciatedthe Hybrid Image Stabilization feature of both V25 5G and V25e, which enabled them to capture stable and clear images and videos.


You don’t have to put hours into editing your picture. Thanks to the Hybrid Image Stabilization feature, all you need to do is set your camera, capture your shot and you are good to go,” said Adeel.


Fahad elaborated on his video shooting experience with this featurestating, “vivo V25 5G’s Hybrid Image Stabilization (OIS+EIS) feature makes video shooting clearer and more stable. Its Super Night technology is also great when recording videos.”He also complimented the V25 5G’s vlogging capabilities saying “This phone is ideal for vlogging and there are a bunch of features you can use to get the most out of this phone for the same. My favourite feature in this regard is the Vocal Enhancement option which cancels out ambient noise so your voice can be heard clearly.


When it came to their favourite feature on the phones, the due were unanimous in their choice, selecting the Bokeh Flair Portrait feature.“Being a photographer, I’ve spent thousands of rupees on lenses but now the vivo V25e has offeredme a complete package with this feature,” remarked Adeel. “This dynamic portrait feature allows you to capture and smoothen facial features while retaining the clarity and crispness of the image. When outdoors, one can select this feature to take stunning portraits even at night or in low-light situations” added Fahad.

top-professional-photographers-astounded-by-the-cameras-of-vivo-v25-5g-and-v25e top-professional-photographers-astounded-by-the-cameras-of-vivo-v25-5g-and-v25e


Being professional photographers who requirehigh-end cameras and extensive setups for their shoots, they both were also united in their observation that the phones’ camera qualitiescompete wellwith that of digital cameras. “I can say that the features I’ve been using on my camera are now present in this mobile, and this will make photographers’ life a lot easier, especially the lives of those who want to start their career asphotographers. This phone is a whole package in itself, and its features are easy to use and learn,” said Adeel.

Fahad agreed and also praised the AI in vivoV25 5G’s AI HD Portrait feature. he said “AI is becoming a crucial part of photography. It helps you capture the best image possiblelike a professional. I must admit that the AI quality in the V25 5G is amazing, and you don’t even need to edit the photos that it helps capture.

top-professional-photographers-astounded-by-the-cameras-of-vivo-v25-5g-and-v25e top-professional-photographers-astounded-by-the-cameras-of-vivo-v25-5g-and-v25e


Finally, the duo also had a few words of wisdom for aspiring photographers. “Great photos come with great composition and dedication. Be mindful of how you frame shots and where you position different elements within a scene. Keep it simple. Explore different perspectives, add depth to your images and do find symmetry,” advised Fahad, while Adeel suggested upcoming photographers to be consistent in what they have started. “Every image lies within your eye. Never compromise with quality,” he added.

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