Prioritizing Customer Care vivo’s Unwavering Dedication to Excellence

Prioritizing Customer Care vivo’s Unwavering Dedication to Excellence

vivo Pakistan achieves excellence through advanced smartphones, exceptional customer care and innovative marketing initiatives

With unwavering passion and a customer-centric approach, vivo has established itself as a leading technology brand in Pakistan within a mere 5-year span. Driven by a commitment to bring cutting-edge innovations to local users, the company continuously strives to enhance its offerings, from elevating camera quality to introducing innovative technology and breaking new ground in design.

At the heart of itis the desire to make a difference in users’ lives, contribute to a brighter future and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the smartphone industry with care and pride in every step.

In pursuit of excellence and market dominance, vivo implements several key strategies to foster positive brand recognition and endear itself to its valued customers. These measures include:

Embracing the Balance of Local and Global Reach:

Adhering to the ‘More Local, More Global’ approach, vivo is a brand that values and embraces local talent, culture, and consumer preferences. The company has collaborated with famous local talent, including Babar Azam, who recently served as a brand ambassador and youth icon for the launch of V25 5G and V25e, the latest smartphones from the V Series.

Babar Azam is a renowned youth icon and captain of the Pakistan team. He played a crucial role in representing the modern smartphone user while contributing to the successful V25 Series launch through his charismatic presence.

Since vivo’s inception inPakistan, the brand has been fostering local engagement and delivering personalized solutions to enhance consumers’ lifestyles. In line with the ‘Made in Pakistan’initiative, the brand invested $10million to establish a domestic Production Base in 2021,demonstrating its commitment to supporting the country and contributing to the development of the local economy. This investment has also helped to empower the local workforce and reinforce vivo’s presence in Pakistan.

Mr. Zohair Chohan, Director Brand Strategy at vivo Pakistan, said, “We have made a thrilling impact in Pakistan, customizing our innovative advancements to cater to the unique needs of the local market. We feel honoured to provide the latest technologies to our valued customers, driven by our unwavering commitment to the BENFEN philosophy of doing what is right and enriching people’s lives. We are proud to serve the region with the latest innovations and deeply grateful for the trust and support shown by our local users. We will continue to meet the dynamic demands of the region and remain steadfast in our efforts to enhance our offerings and capabilities with a compassionate and caring approach at the forefront of our minds”

Enhancing Product Excellence — A Commitment to Elevated Quality:

Pakistan’s youth is making a bold statement with self-expression, using images and videos to showcase their unique personalities. vivo is proud to be part of this creative movement with the latest V25 Series.

With the vivo V25 5G and V25e, users can capture their individuality with high-quality cameras and fashion-forward designs. The 64MP OIS Ultra-Sensing Rear Camera on both models, and the 50MP AF HD Portrait front camera on the V25 5G, are designed to deliver stunning images. Hybrid Image Stabilization ensures clear videos, while the V25e boasts a 32MP FF front camera. Moreover, the Vlog Movie featurewith built-in templates is perfect for professional vloggers and bloggers — allowing them to unleash their creativity.

The Color-Changing Glass technology and Fluorite AG Glass in the V25 Series bring a visually stunning experience — making it the perfect fashion accessory for style-conscious users. With care and pride, vivo is committed to empowering people to express themselves with confidence.

Elevated Customer Service for an Uninterrupted User Experience:

As a brand that prioritizes customer care, vivo prioritizes delivering outstanding care. With 18 service centers and 9200+ retail stores across the country, vivo ensures a smooth experience for customers by quickly resolving smartphone issues.

To further improve the customer experience, vivo celebrates Service Day each month with free after-sales services and offers. The brand’s knowledgeable customer service team is also available for inquiries on WhatsApp, Facebook and email for quick and efficient responses.

Being a consumer-centric brand, vivo aims to keep bringing technologically innovative products and providing best customer service for Pakistani users.

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