Vivo V25e or Samsung A33 —Which Smartphone to Buy?

Vivo V25e or Samsung A33 —Which Smartphone to Buy?

For those passionate about their phones, the options today are endless. Vivo and Samsung are two brands consistently spoiling their customers with choices, but we are not complaining! To help you decide which phone you should pick next, this article will compare two of the most popular smartphones in the market: the vivo V25e and the Samsung A33.

The V25e, part of the newly launched V25 series by vivo boasts a sleek design and advanced camera technology, while the Samsung A33 stands out with its durable build and long-lasting battery. Let’s take a look at which one makes a better option to buy.


The vivo V25e’s design stands out with its Colour Changing Glass technology. This glass changes colour when exposed to sunlight and reverts to its original shade when removed. This is further complemented by the Fluorite AG Glass that lends the back cover a glittery appearance. The phone’s frame is slim, featuring a matte finish, and looks incredibly sleek and elegant.

On the other hand, the Samsung A33 features a slim design with a single-tone back cover that has a matte finish and ambient edge. The Samsung A33 is available in a range of colours such as the Awesome Peach, Blue, White, and Black. In contrast, the vivo V25e is available in Diamond Black and Sunrise Gold. When it comes to looks, it’s certainly hard to beat V25e’s designs vivo is a clear winner in this aspect.


The camera is a critical aspect of smartphones; both the vivo V25e and Samsung A33 have impressive capabilities. The V25e boasts a 64MP OIS Ultra Sensing Rear Camera, supported by a 2MP bokeh and 2MP macro camera for capturing clear and stable images. It also features Hybrid Image Stabilization, combining Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)and Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) to ensure the stable photo and video shooting experiences, even in challenging lighting conditions. The V25e also has a 32MP FF Front Camera, providing exceptional selfie capabilities, even in low-light conditions.

Furthermore, the Samsung A33 features a 48MP OIS Main Camera for crisper clearer shots and a 13MP Front Camera. Additionally, it Hassan 8MP Ultra-Wide Camera for expansive views, a 5MP Macro Camera for close-up shots, and a 2MP Depth Camera for customizing focus.

After comparing the two devices’ camera capabilities, it appears that the V25e has a superior camera, with better specifications.


With regards to the performance of the devices, which is a key factor in their functionality, the V25e has 8GB of RAM which can be extended by another 8GB, and a powerful 6nm MediaTek G99 processor allowing for a smooth and lag-free performance. Additionally, the V25e has a 4500mAh battery with 44W Flash Charge.

On the other hand, the Samsung A33 has 8GB of RAM built-inand a high-capacity5000mAh battery, allowing for longer use without needing to charge. The Samsung A33 also has a 25W charging speed, with an Eryngoes 1280 processor. When it comes to performance, the Samsung A33 has a slightly higher battery capacity, but the vivo V25e boasts a superior RAM performance due to its extended RAM feature and better charging speed.

Price Comparison:

The vivo V25e is available for the price of PKR109, 999/- while the Samsung A33 is available at a slightly higher price of PKR112, 500/-.

Final Verdict:

Looking at all these aspects, it is safe to say that the V25e offers a superior cost-benefit ratio. With its cutting-edge technology, eye-catching design, and competitive price point, vivo V25e stands out as the better option between these two solid smartphones.

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