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Shaheen got LQ’s captaincy before PSL 7. He led them to PSL 7 and PSL 8 wins.

In a recent appearance on a private television channel, Pakistan’s cricketing icon, Shahid Afridi, delivered a sarcastic remark that has gone viral, particularly in cricket circles. The comment was directed at Lahore Qalandars, and Afridi didn’t mince his words while assessing their performance in the ongoing Pakistan Super League (PSL) Season 9.

Afridi, known for his candid expressions, remarked, “Lahore Qalandars have been banged!” The critique comes as Lahore Qalandars, the defending champions, faced three consecutive losses in PSL 9.

Adding a layer of irony to the situation, Shahid Afridi’s son-in-law, Shaheen Shah Afridi, currently captains Lahore Qalandars. This familial connection added an extra layer of wit to Afridi’s commentary on the team’s struggles.

Despite the candid criticism, Afridi suggested that Lahore Qalandars, being two-time champions, have the potential to stage a comeback. Drawing parallels with the mental toughness of the Australian national team, Afridi expressed optimism about Lahore’s future in PSL 9.

Afridi shifted the focus onto team management and leadership, stating, “It’s the role of the management to replicate last year’s performance.” This implied that the responsibility for the team’s failures rests on the shoulders of both the management and the captain, Shaheen Shah Afridi.

Addressing a broader perspective on PSL 9, Afridi emphasized the significance of fielding, asserting, “The team with the best fielding will win PSL.” He noted a noticeable decline in the quality of fielding throughout the ongoing season.

Lahore Qalandars, under the captaincy of Shaheen Shah Afridi, had enjoyed success in the previous two editions, clinching victories in PSL 7 and PSL 8. However, their current losing streak raises concerns about their prospects in PSL 9, with potential implications for their playoff aspirations.

Shahid Afridi’s outspoken commentary has sparked discussions and reactions in the cricket community, adding an entertaining dimension to the ongoing PSL drama.

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