Islamabad United’s Bold Move: Naseem Shah’s Brothers Defy Nepotism Concerns in PSL 9

Islamabad United’s Bold Move: Naseem Shah’s Brothers Defy Nepotism Concerns in PSL 9

Naseem Shah’s Brothers Break Barriers in Islamabad United’s Pace Attack PSL 9

In a surprising turn of events in Pakistan Super League PSL 9, Islamabad United’s pace attack is making waves with the inclusion of the Shah brothers – Naseem, Hunain, and Ubaid. However, the team’s General Manager, Rehan-ul-Haq, recently revealed that their inclusion wasn’t initially without reservations, as he feared accusations of nepotism.

Concerns Over Nepotism

Rehan-ul-Haq admitted that he was hesitant to include Hunain and Ubaid in the team, especially with Naseem Shah being the older brother. The fear of nepotism accusations loomed large, and Naseem himself expressed concerns about potential criticism for having his brothers on the team.

Strategic Decision Defeats Societal Barriers

Despite the initial reluctance, Captain Shadab Khan and Coach Mike Hesson took a strategic approach, recognizing the talents of Hunain and Ubaid. They decided to give the younger Shah brothers an opportunity, going against initial reservations and societal barriers. This bold move has proven successful, with the Shah brothers significantly contributing to Islamabad United’s bowling strength in PSL 9.

Apologies for Initial Reluctance

Rehan-ul-Haq, reflecting on the decision, acknowledged the importance of giving the Shah brothers a chance and extended apologies to the coach and the captain for his initial hesitation. The success of Naseem Shah’s brothers in the ongoing PSL 9 season has showcased that talent and merit can prevail over concerns of favoritism.


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