Power Surge: PSL’s Six-Hitting Maestros and Their Ball-Per-Six Ratios

Power Surge: PSL’s Six-Hitting Maestros and Their Ball-Per-Six Ratios

In the dazzling world of T20 cricket, the Pakistan Super League (PSL) stands as a testament to explosive power-hitting. Over the years, several players have left the cricketing universe in awe with their ability to send the ball sailing over the boundary ropes. Let’s delve into the thrilling statistics of PSL’s six-hitting maestros and their jaw-dropping ball-per-six ratios.

Asif Ali: The Six-Hitting Dynamo

At the forefront of this power-packed narrative is Asif Ali, a force to be reckoned with. With a staggering ball-per-six ratio of 8.42, Asif Ali has smashed the ball out of the park 90 times in 71 innings. His ability to clear the boundary with such frequency marks him as a true six-hitting dynamo in the PSL.

Kieron Pollard: The West Indian Powerhouse

Challenging Asif Ali’s supremacy is the West Indian powerhouse, Kieron Pollard, boasting an impressive ball-per-six ratio of 8.79. In 43 innings, Pollard has left a trail of destruction with 72 maximums, establishing himself as a formidable force in the league.

Sharjeel Khan, Umar Akmal, and Shane Watson: The Flair Contributors

The power-packed narrative doesn’t end there. Sharjeel Khan, Umar Akmal, and Shane Watson add their unique flair to the spectacle. Sharjeel Khan’s ball-per-six ratio of 10.88, Umar Akmal’s 11.88, and Shane Watson’s 12.12 reflect their ability to launch the ball into the stands, contributing to the league’s electrifying moments.

The Unfinished Tale: Karachi Kings vs. Islamabad United

As this article unfolds, the ongoing PSL 9 encounter between Karachi Kings and Islamabad United is making headlines. Karachi Kings showcased a formidable batting performance, posting a total score of 165/5 in their allotted 20 overs. The explosive knock of 48 runs off 28 balls by Kieron Pollard, with a remarkable strike rate of 171.42, added a thrilling chapter to the league’s power-hitting saga.

Player | Innings | Sixes | Ball-per-six

  • Asif Ali | 71 | 90 | 8.42
  • Kieron Pollard | 43 | 72 | 8.79
  • Sharjeel Khan | 48 | 74 | 10.88
  • Umar Akmal | 40 | 60 | 11.88
  • Shane Watson | 46 | 81 | 12.12

As PSL 9 continues to unfold, fans can expect more awe-inspiring moments, with these six-hitting maestros ready to leave an indelible mark on the league’s history.

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