63 Small Business Ideas to Start in 2024

63 Small Business Ideas to Start in 2024

Starting a small business in 2024 offers countless opportunities for entrepreneurs to pursue their passions, solve problems, and generate income. Here are 63 detailed small business ideas to consider:

  1. Virtual Event Planning Service: Coordinate virtual events such as webinars, conferences, and workshops for businesses and organizations.
    • Offer comprehensive event management services, including speaker coordination, technical support, and attendee engagement.
    • Utilize virtual event platforms and software to create immersive and interactive experiences.
  2. Sustainable Product Manufacturing: Produce eco-friendly products, such as reusable bags, organic skincare, or biodegradable packaging.
    • Source sustainable materials and implement environmentally friendly production processes.
    • Appeal to eco-conscious consumers and capitalize on the growing demand for sustainable alternatives.
  3. Remote Health and Wellness Coaching: Provide virtual coaching and support services to help clients improve their physical and mental well-being.
    • Offer personalized fitness plans, nutrition advice, stress management techniques, and mindfulness practices.
    • Leverage digital platforms and communication tools to connect with clients worldwide.
  4. Digital Marketing Agency: Offer a range of digital marketing services, including social media management, content creation, SEO, and email marketing.
    • Develop tailored strategies to help businesses increase their online visibility, attract customers, and drive sales.
    • Stay updated on industry trends and algorithm changes to deliver effective marketing campaigns.
  5. Online Educational Platform: Create an online platform for delivering educational courses, tutorials, and workshops on various subjects.
    • Curate high-quality content from experts in different fields and offer flexible learning options for students.
    • Utilize multimedia formats, interactive quizzes, and discussion forums to enhance the learning experience.
  6. Mobile App Development: Design and develop mobile applications for businesses, startups, or individuals looking to digitize their services.
    • Offer custom app development services, including UI/UX design, coding, testing, and deployment.
    • Stay abreast of emerging technologies and market trends to create innovative and user-friendly apps.
  7. E-commerce Store Optimization: Help e-commerce businesses optimize their online stores for better visibility, user experience, and conversion rates.
    • Offer services such as website design, product photography, copywriting, and SEO optimization.
    • Implement data-driven strategies and analytics to track performance and make continuous improvements.
  8. Personal Branding Consultancy: Assist individuals in building and enhancing their personal brands to advance their careers or business ventures.
    • Provide services such as brand identity development, content strategy, social media management, and online reputation management.
    • Help clients establish credibility, authority, and influence in their respective industries.
  9. Home Renovation Services: Offer home renovation and remodeling services to homeowners looking to upgrade their living spaces.
    • Specialize in kitchen renovations, bathroom remodels, basement finishing, or whole-house makeovers.
    • Provide design consultations, project management, and construction services to deliver high-quality results.
  10. Pet Care Subscription Box: Create a subscription box service that delivers curated pet products, treats, and accessories to pet owners on a monthly basis.
    • Offer themed boxes tailored to different pets’ needs, preferences, and dietary requirements.
    • Collaborate with pet brands, veterinarians, and animal experts to source high-quality products and provide valuable pet care tips.
  11. Virtual Interior Design Service: Provide virtual interior design consultations and services to help clients transform their homes or commercial spaces.
    • Offer mood boards, 3D renderings, and design plans to visualize the final look and feel of the space.
    • Provide product recommendations, furniture layouts, and styling tips to create personalized and functional interiors.
  12. Social Media Influencer Agency: Connect brands with social media influencers and content creators to execute influencer marketing campaigns.
    • Identify relevant influencers, negotiate partnerships, and manage campaign logistics on behalf of brands.
    • Help influencers monetize their online presence through brand collaborations, sponsored content, and affiliate marketing.
  13. Online Language School: Launch an online language learning platform that offers courses and resources for individuals looking to learn new languages.
    • Provide interactive lessons, live tutoring sessions, and language exchange opportunities to facilitate language acquisition.
    • Cater to learners of all levels and ages, offering courses in multiple languages and dialects.
  14. Food Truck Business: Start a mobile food truck business that offers gourmet street food, specialty cuisines, or unique culinary experiences.
    • Design a versatile menu that appeals to diverse tastes and dietary preferences.
    • Identify strategic locations and events to maximize foot traffic and sales opportunities.
  15. Remote Tech Support Service: Provide remote technical support and troubleshooting services for individuals and businesses experiencing computer or software issues.
    • Offer on-demand assistance for troubleshooting, software installation, virus removal, and hardware upgrades.
    • Provide personalized solutions and exceptional customer service to build trust and loyalty among clients.
  16. Custom Clothing Design Studio: Launch a custom clothing design studio that offers made-to-measure garments, personalized alterations, and bespoke fashion services.
    • Collaborate with clients to create unique designs that reflect their style, preferences, and body measurements.
    • Utilize high-quality materials, skilled craftsmanship, and attention to detail to deliver exceptional clothing pieces.
  17. Digital Product Creation: Develop and sell digital products such as e-books, online courses, templates, or digital downloads.
    • Identify niche topics or areas of expertise and create valuable content that addresses specific needs or interests.
    • Utilize e-commerce platforms, email marketing, and digital advertising to promote and sell digital products online.
  18. Virtual Assistant Agency: Build a virtual assistant agency that provides administrative, clerical, and organizational support to businesses and entrepreneurs.
    • Recruit and train a team of virtual assistants with diverse skills and expertise.
    • Offer services such as email management, calendar scheduling, travel arrangements, and data entry.
  19. Online Coaching Platform: Launch an online coaching platform that connects clients with certified coaches and mentors across various fields.
    • Offer coaching services in areas such as career development, personal growth, health and wellness, and business management.
    • Provide one-on-one coaching sessions, group coaching programs, and workshops to help clients achieve their goals and aspirations.
  20. Dropshipping Business: Start a dropshipping business that sells products sourced from third-party suppliers and manufacturers.
    • Create an online store and curate a selection of trending or niche products to sell to customers.
    • Partner with dropshipping suppliers who handle inventory management, order fulfillment, and shipping logistics on behalf of your business.
  21. Remote Financial Planning Service: Provide virtual financial planning and advisory services to individuals and families seeking guidance on wealth management, retirement planning, and investment strategies.
    • Offer personalized financial assessments, goal setting, and portfolio analysis to help clients achieve their financial objectives.
    • Stay updated on market trends, tax regulations, and financial products to provide informed recommendations and advice.
  22. Online Boutique: Launch an online boutique that sells curated collections of clothing, accessories, and lifestyle products.
    • Curate a unique selection of fashion-forward items from independent designers, artisans, and brands.
    • Create a visually appealing and user-friendly website, and utilize social media and influencer collaborations to attract customers and drive sales.
  23. Remote HR Consulting Firm: Start a remote HR consulting firm that provides human resources solutions and support to businesses of all sizes.
    • Offer services such as HR audits, policy development, recruitment assistance, and employee training and development.
    • Help clients streamline HR processes, improve employee engagement, and ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations.
  24. Online Fitness Studio: Launch an online fitness studio that offers live and on-demand workout classes, personal training sessions, and wellness programs.
    • Provide a variety of fitness modalities, including yoga, HIIT, strength training, and dance workouts.
    • Offer flexible membership options, virtual challenges, and community support to help clients achieve their fitness goals from the comfort of their homes.
  25. Remote Legal Services: Provide virtual legal services and consultation to individuals, startups, and small businesses in need of legal advice and representation.
    • Offer services such as contract drafting, intellectual property protection, business formation, and dispute resolution.
    • Utilize secure communication platforms and digital document management systems to ensure confidentiality and compliance with legal standards.
  26. Online Event Ticketing Platform: Create an online platform that allows users to discover, purchase, and manage tickets for virtual and in-person events.
    • Partner with event organizers, venues, and performers to list a diverse range of events, including concerts, conferences, and workshops.
    • Provide features such as event reminders, seating selection, and virtual ticketing options to enhance the user experience.
  27. Remote Resume Writing Service: Offer professional resume writing and career coaching services to job seekers looking to enhance their employment prospects.
    • Create customized resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles that highlight clients’ skills, experiences, and accomplishments.
    • Provide job search strategies, interview preparation, and networking guidance to help clients land their dream jobs.
  28. Online Counseling Practice: Start an online counseling practice that offers therapy and mental health support to individuals struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, or relationship issues.
    • Employ licensed therapists and counselors who provide evidence-based treatment modalities and compassionate care.
    • Offer flexible appointment scheduling, secure video conferencing, and confidential communication channels to ensure client privacy and comfort.
  29. Remote Nutrition Coaching Service: Provide virtual nutrition coaching and meal planning services to clients seeking guidance on healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes.
    • Offer personalized nutrition assessments, dietary recommendations, and goal tracking to help clients achieve their wellness objectives.
    • Utilize digital tools, such as food tracking apps and virtual cooking demonstrations, to support clients in adopting sustainable and nutritious eating habits.
  30. Online Language Translation Service: Launch an online translation service that offers professional language translation and localization services to businesses and individuals.
    • Provide translation services for documents, websites, marketing materials, and multimedia content in multiple languages.
    • Employ native-speaking translators with expertise in specific industries or subject matters to ensure accuracy, cultural sensitivity, and linguistic fluency.
  31. Remote IT Consulting Firm: Start a remote IT consulting firm that provides technology solutions and support to businesses facing IT challenges and cybersecurity threats.
    • Offer services such as network infrastructure design, cybersecurity assessments, cloud migration, and IT project management.
    • Employ certified IT professionals and cybersecurity experts who provide strategic guidance and technical expertise to help clients optimize their IT infrastructure and mitigate risks.
  32. Online Music Lessons Platform: Create an online platform that connects music teachers with students interested in learning instruments, music theory, or vocal techniques.
    • Offer live one-on-one lessons, group classes, and pre-recorded tutorials in various musical genres and styles.
    • Provide interactive learning tools, practice resources, and performance opportunities to help students develop their musical skills and passion for music.
  33. Remote Social Media Management Agency: Launch a remote social media management agency that helps businesses enhance their online presence, engagement, and brand visibility across social media platforms.
    • Offer services such as content creation, community management, influencer partnerships, and social media advertising.
    • Develop customized social media strategies, analytics reports, and performance metrics to track progress and optimize marketing efforts.
  34. Online Personal Finance Blog: Start an online personal finance blog that provides educational content, tips, and resources on budgeting, saving, investing, and financial planning.
    • Create informative articles, how-to guides, and interactive tools to help readers improve their financial literacy and make informed money decisions.
    • Monetize the blog through affiliate marketing, sponsored content, digital products, and online courses related to personal finance topics.
  35. Remote Graphic Design Studio: Establish a remote graphic design studio that offers creative design services for branding, marketing, and visual communication projects.
    • Provide services such as logo design, branding identity, print collateral, packaging design, and digital artwork.
    • Collaborate with clients to understand their vision, objectives, and target audience, and deliver custom design solutions that resonate with their brand and message.
  36. Online Business Coaching Program: Create an online business coaching program that helps aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners start, grow, and scale their ventures.
    • Offer coaching sessions, workshops, and resources on business planning, marketing strategies, sales techniques, and financial management.
    • Provide mentorship, accountability, and support to help clients overcome challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and achieve their business goals.
  37. Remote Freelance Writing Agency: Launch a remote freelance writing agency that connects businesses, publishers, and individuals with professional writers and content creators.
    • Offer writing services for articles, blog posts, website copy, whitepapers, eBooks, and marketing materials in various industries and niches.
    • Recruit and manage a network of freelance writers, editors, and proofreaders who deliver high-quality, original content tailored to clients’ needs and objectives.
  38. Online Wellness Marketplace: Create an online wellness marketplace that offers a curated selection of products, services, and experiences for holistic health and well-being.
    • Partner with wellness brands, practitioners, and instructors to offer a diverse range of offerings, including supplements, skincare, fitness classes, and mindfulness workshops.
    • Provide educational resources, expert advice, and community support to empower consumers to prioritize self-care and embrace a healthier lifestyle.
  39. Remote Legal Transcription Service: Provide remote legal transcription services to law firms, court reporters, and legal professionals in need of accurate and timely transcriptions of legal documents, depositions, and court proceedings.
    • Employ trained transcriptionists with legal knowledge and expertise to transcribe audio recordings, dictations, and legal terminology with precision and confidentiality.
    • Utilize secure file-sharing platforms and encryption protocols to ensure compliance with legal standards and client confidentiality requirements.
  40. Online Home Décor Store: Start an online home décor store that offers curated collections of furniture, accessories, and decorative accents for modern living spaces.
    • Source unique and stylish home furnishings from artisanal makers, independent designers, and global suppliers.
    • Create a visually appealing and user-friendly e-commerce website, and leverage social media, influencer partnerships, and content marketing to attract customers and drive sales.
  41. Remote Cybersecurity Training Program: Launch a remote cybersecurity training program that provides education, certification, and professional development opportunities for individuals interested in pursuing careers in cybersecurity.
    • Offer online courses, virtual labs, and certification exams in cybersecurity fundamentals, ethical hacking, incident response, and risk management.
    • Partner with industry experts, cybersecurity organizations, and academic institutions to develop comprehensive training curriculum and deliver cutting-edge cybersecurity education to learners worldwide.
  42. Online Plant Nursery: Create an online plant nursery that offers a wide selection of indoor and outdoor plants, succulents, and botanical accessories for plant enthusiasts and gardening aficionados.
    • Source high-quality plants from reputable growers and nurseries, and ensure proper packaging and shipping to maintain plant health and freshness.
    • Provide plant care tips, gardening advice, and educational resources to help customers cultivate thriving green spaces and foster a deeper connection with nature.
  43. Remote Data Analysis Service: Provide remote data analysis and insights services to businesses and organizations seeking to leverage data-driven decision-making and analytics solutions.
    • Offer services such as data visualization, statistical analysis, predictive modeling, and business intelligence reporting across various industries and domains.
    • Utilize advanced analytics tools, machine learning algorithms, and cloud-based platforms to extract actionable insights and drive strategic business outcomes for clients.
  44. Online Craft Supply Store: Start an online craft supply store that offers a wide range of materials, tools, and resources for DIY enthusiasts, artists, and makers.
    • Source unique and hard-to-find craft supplies from specialty manufacturers, artisanal suppliers, and sustainable producers.
    • Provide project ideas, tutorials, and inspiration to fuel creativity and empower customers to unleash their artistic potential through hands-on crafting and creative expression.
  45. Remote Executive Coaching Service: Launch a remote executive coaching service that provides leadership development, career advancement, and professional growth opportunities for executives, managers, and corporate leaders.
    • Offer personalized coaching sessions, assessments, and action plans to help clients enhance their leadership skills, strategic thinking, and organizational effectiveness.
    • Provide support, guidance, and accountability to help executives navigate challenges, overcome obstacles, and achieve their full potential as leaders in their respective industries.
  46. Online Cooking School: Create an online cooking school that offers culinary classes, cooking tutorials, and gastronomic experiences for aspiring chefs, home cooks, and food enthusiasts.
    • Provide interactive cooking demonstrations, live-streamed classes, and hands-on workshops covering various cuisines, techniques, and cooking styles.
    • Offer personalized feedback, recipe resources, and culinary coaching to help students develop their culinary skills, expand their palate, and unleash their culinary creativity in the kitchen.
  47. Remote Social Impact Consulting Firm: Start a remote social impact consulting firm that provides strategic advisory, program development, and impact assessment services to nonprofits, social enterprises, and philanthropic organizations.
    • Offer services such as strategic planning, fundraising strategy, partnership development, and impact measurement to help clients achieve their social and environmental objectives.
    • Collaborate with mission-driven organizations, community leaders, and stakeholders to drive positive change, address social challenges, and create sustainable solutions for a better world.
  48. Online Business Directory Platform: Create an online business directory platform that connects consumers with local businesses, service providers, and professionals in their area.
    • Offer a comprehensive directory of businesses, including contact information, reviews, ratings, and services offered, to help users find and connect with relevant businesses.
    • Provide marketing tools, advertising opportunities, and promotional features to help businesses increase their visibility, attract customers, and grow their online presence.
  49. Remote Productivity Coaching Service: Provide remote productivity coaching and time management services to individuals, teams, and organizations seeking to optimize their efficiency, focus, and performance.
    • Offer personalized productivity assessments, goal setting, and productivity planning sessions to help clients identify priorities, eliminate distractions, and achieve their objectives.
    • Provide practical strategies, productivity tools, and accountability support to help clients develop sustainable habits, streamline workflows, and maximize their productivity potential in work and life.
  50. Online Vintage Boutique: Launch an online vintage boutique that offers curated collections of retro clothing, accessories, and collectibles for vintage enthusiasts, fashion aficionados, and nostalgia seekers.
    • Source unique and authentic vintage pieces from thrift stores, flea markets, and estate sales, and curate a diverse selection of timeless fashion finds from past decades.
    • Provide styling tips, fashion inspiration, and historical context to showcase the charm, craftsmanship, and enduring appeal of vintage fashion, and cultivate a vibrant community of vintage lovers and collectors.
  51. Remote Social Enterprise Incubator: Start a remote social enterprise incubator that supports aspiring social entrepreneurs, changemakers, and impact-driven startups in developing innovative solutions to address pressing social and environmental challenges.
    • Offer mentorship, training, and resources to help social entrepreneurs refine their business models, validate their ideas, and launch successful ventures with measurable impact.
    • Provide access to funding opportunities, networking events, and collaborative partnerships to empower social enterprises to scale their impact, drive systemic change, and create a more equitable and sustainable world.
  52. Online Freelance Marketplace: Create an online freelance marketplace that connects businesses, startups, and individuals with freelance professionals, gig workers, and independent contractors offering a wide range of services and skills.
    • Provide a platform for freelancers to showcase their portfolios, expertise, and availability, and for clients to post projects, set budgets, and hire freelancers for specific tasks and assignments.
    • Offer tools, features, and support services to facilitate seamless collaboration, communication, and payment processing between clients and freelancers, and to ensure successful project outcomes and client satisfaction.
  53. Remote Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Firm: Launch a remote business process outsourcing (BPO) firm that provides a comprehensive range of outsourced business services, including customer support, data entry, back-office operations, and administrative tasks, to businesses seeking to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency.
    • Offer tailored BPO solutions and scalable support services to meet the specific needs and requirements of clients across various industries and sectors, from startups and small businesses to large enterprises and multinational corporations.
    • Utilize advanced technologies, automation tools, and cloud-based platforms to optimize workflow processes, ensure data security and compliance, and deliver high-quality BPO services with speed, accuracy, and reliability.
  54. Online Fitness Apparel Brand: Start an online fitness apparel brand that designs, manufactures, and sells premium activewear, athleisure, and workout apparel for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and active individuals.
    • Create stylish and functional activewear collections using high-performance fabrics, innovative designs, and sustainable materials that prioritize comfort, performance, and durability.
    • Build a distinctive brand identity, cultivate a loyal customer base, and foster a vibrant fitness community through social media engagement, influencer partnerships, and customer-centric marketing initiatives that inspire and empower customers to lead healthy, active lifestyles.

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  1. Remote Digital Nomad Community: Launch a remote digital nomad community that brings together location-independent professionals, remote workers, and digital nomads from around the world to connect, collaborate, and support each other in their remote work journeys.
    • Provide a virtual platform for digital nomads to share experiences, resources, and travel tips, and to network, socialize, and participate in community-driven events, meetups, and workshops.
    • Offer practical tools, guides, and resources on remote work best practices, work-life balance, and travel lifestyle tips, and create opportunities for skill sharing, knowledge exchange, and professional development to help digital nomads thrive in their remote work lifestyle.
  2. Online Home Improvement Marketplace: Create an online home improvement marketplace that connects homeowners, DIY enthusiasts, and renovation professionals with suppliers, contractors, and service providers offering a wide range of home improvement products, tools, and services.
    • Offer a curated selection of home improvement products, building materials, fixtures, and appliances, as well as access to professional services such as renovation consultations, design-build solutions, and project management support.
    • Provide educational resources, project guides, and expert advice on home improvement projects, renovation trends, and sustainable building practices, and facilitate seamless transactions, communication, and collaboration between homeowners and home improvement professionals to simplify the renovation process and enhance the home improvement experience.
  3. Remote Digital Marketing Academy: Start a remote digital marketing academy that offers comprehensive training, certification, and professional development programs for aspiring digital marketers, marketing professionals, and business owners seeking to master the art and science of digital marketing.
    • Offer online courses, workshops, and bootcamps covering a wide range of digital marketing topics, strategies, and tactics, including search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and analytics.
    • Provide hands-on learning experiences, real-world case studies, and practical exercises to help students develop practical skills, gain industry insights, and prepare for career advancement opportunities in the fast-growing field of digital marketing.
  4. Online Sustainable Living Platform: Create an online sustainable living platform that provides resources, tools, and community support for individuals, families, and communities seeking to adopt eco-friendly lifestyles, reduce their environmental footprint, and promote sustainable living practices.
    • Offer educational content, tips, and guides on sustainable living topics such as zero waste living, ethical consumerism, eco-friendly home design, renewable energy, and conscious consumption.
    • Provide a curated marketplace of sustainable products, services, and experiences, as well as opportunities for eco-conscious consumers to connect, collaborate, and support each other in their sustainability journey, and to contribute to positive environmental impact and social change.
  5. Remote Content Creation Studio: Launch a remote content creation studio that offers end-to-end content production services, including ideation, creation, distribution, and promotion, for brands, agencies, and media companies looking to create engaging and impactful content experiences.
    • Offer a diverse range of content formats and storytelling techniques, including video production, podcasting, photography, animation, infographics, and interactive multimedia, tailored to the unique needs, objectives, and target audience of each client.
    • Leverage advanced production tools, creative talent, and strategic expertise to craft compelling narratives, evoke emotions, and drive audience engagement and conversion across digital platforms, social media channels, and traditional media outlets.
  6. Online Mental Health Community: Create an online mental health community that provides a safe, supportive, and inclusive space for individuals, families, and caregivers affected by mental health challenges to connect, share experiences, and access resources, information, and peer support.
    • Offer moderated discussion forums, virtual support groups, and online peer counseling sessions facilitated by trained mental health professionals, volunteers, and community moderators to foster mutual understanding, empathy, and resilience among members.
    • Provide educational resources, self-help tools, and evidence-based interventions on mental health topics such as stress management, mindfulness, self-care, coping strategies, and crisis intervention, and collaborate with mental health organizations, advocacy groups, and experts to promote mental wellness, reduce stigma, and raise awareness about mental health issues.
  7. Remote Language Interpretation Service: Provide remote language interpretation services to businesses, organizations, and government agencies in need of professional interpreters to facilitate communication and language access for multilingual audiences and diverse communities.
    • Offer on-demand interpretation services for conferences, meetings, interviews, court proceedings, medical appointments, and emergency situations in multiple languages, including spoken interpretation (consecutive, simultaneous) and sign language interpretation.
    • Employ certified interpreters and language specialists with linguistic proficiency, cultural competence, and subject matter expertise to ensure accurate, effective, and culturally appropriate communication between speakers of different languages, and to promote language equity, diversity, and inclusion in all settings and contexts.
  8. Online Sustainable Fashion Marketplace: Create an online sustainable fashion marketplace that offers a curated selection of eco-friendly, ethical, and socially responsible fashion brands, designers, and artisans committed to sustainability, transparency, and ethical production practices.
    • Source sustainable fashion products made from organic, recycled, upcycled, and ethically sourced materials, as well as products that support fair trade, artisanal craftsmanship, and community empowerment initiatives.
    • Provide educational resources, ethical fashion guides, and sustainability ratings to empower consumers to make informed, conscious purchasing decisions, and to promote positive change in the fashion industry towards greater environmental and social responsibility.
  9. Remote Personal Styling Service: Launch a remote personal styling service that offers virtual styling consultations, wardrobe assessments, and personalized fashion recommendations for individuals seeking to enhance their personal style, update their wardrobe, or create signature looks for special occasions.
    • Offer personalized styling services tailored to clients’ preferences, body types, lifestyles, and budget constraints, including outfit curation, wardrobe editing, and fashion styling tips.
    • Utilize advanced styling tools, fashion algorithms, and virtual try-on technologies to provide an immersive and interactive styling experience, and to empower clients to express their individuality, confidence, and personal style through fashion.

Each of these business ideas presents unique opportunities for entrepreneurs to explore in 2024, whether they’re interested in launching an online venture, providing remote services, or tapping into emerging trends and market demands. By combining innovation, creativity, and strategic planning, aspiring entrepreneurs can turn these ideas into successful businesses that make a positive impact and drive sustainable growth in the years to come.

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