Decision to deduct Rs 90 out of 100 tax on mobile balance of non-filers

Decision to deduct Rs 90 out of 100 tax on mobile balance of non-filers

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has decided to impose additional withholding tax of 90% instead of 2.5% on more than 570,000 non-filers.

Private TV Express News, citing sources, said that through the recent Income Tax General Order, the lists of more than 570,000 non-filers have been issued, and 90% additional withholding tax has been imposed until the submission of income tax returns. 90% withholding tax will be deducted from the balance loaded by prepaid and postpaid non-filers and submitted to FBR through an automated system.

If a user loads a balance of Rs 100, then Rs 90 will go to the FBR. In case, if they use any other mobile phone after taking out the SIM, they will have to pay additional tax of ninety percent on that too.

Additional tax will also be applied on mobile and data load of non-filers each time. The data of the non-filers have already been handed over to the PTA and telecom companies to block the SIMs of the non-filers. Days left. Telecom companies have so far blocked the SIMs of more than eleven and a half thousand non-filers, while warning messages have been sent to fifteen thousand non-filers.

According to sources, one telecom company has not blocked the SIMs of non-filers and has indicated to approach the court against the said Income Tax General Order. The remaining three telecom companies have submitted compliance reports to FBR. FBR has also sought details of blocked SIMs from telecom companies. Sources say that if the SIMs of non-filers are not blocked by May 15, FBR will take action against these companies.

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