Ignite Announces New Head, Murtaza Khan, for Three-Year Term

Ignite Announces New Head, Murtaza Khan, for Three-Year Term

Islamabad: The Ministry of Information Technology has appointed a new head for Ignite, a premier organization under its umbrella. According to sources at the Ministry of IT, Islamabad, IT professional Murtaza Khan has been appointed as the new head of Ignite for a three-year term.

Murtaza Khan, a seasoned IT expert, brings a wealth of experience to the role. His appointment is seen as a significant development in the Ministry’s efforts to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the country.

As the new head of Ignite, Murtaza Khan will be responsible for leading the organization’s initiatives aimed at fostering a vibrant startup ecosystem in Pakistan. His appointment is expected to bring a new wave of energy and innovation to the organization, and his expertise will be instrumental in shaping the country’s tech landscape.

The Ministry of IT has expressed its confidence in Murtaza Khan’s abilities, and his appointment is seen as a positive step towards achieving the country’s digital transformation goals.”


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