Pakistan Aims to Boost IT Exports to $25 Billion in Next 5 Years”

Pakistan Aims to Boost IT Exports to $25 Billion in Next 5 Years”

Islamabad: Zubair Kasuri: In a bid to boost Pakistan’s IT exports, the government has set an ambitious target of $25 billion in the next five years. To achieve this goal, former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s advisor, Tania Aidrus, has been appointed as the head of a newly formed committee.


According to a notification issued by the government, the committee has been tasked with increasing IT exports and making recommendations to achieve this goal. The committee comprises representatives from mobile phone companies, telecom companies, and other stakeholders.


The government aims to increase IT exports by promoting the local IT industry, encouraging foreign investment, and providing incentives to IT companies. The committee will also work to address the challenges faced by the IT industry, including the lack of infrastructure and skilled workforce.


However, representatives of mobile phone companies have expressed concerns over the appointment of Tania Aidrus as the head of the committee, stating that she has no experience in the IT sector. They believe that this move is merely a political maneuver to appease certain individuals.


Despite these concerns, the government remains committed to achieving its goal of increasing IT exports and promoting the local IT industry. The committee is expected to submit its recommendations soon, which will provide a roadmap for achieving this ambitious target.

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