Mobile Phone Manufacturing in Pakistan: Inovi Telecom’s Investment

Mobile Phone Manufacturing in Pakistan: Inovi Telecom’s Investment

The head of renowned mobile phone manufacturing company Inovi Telecom, Zeeshan Mianoor, recently participated in the Pak-China Business Council meeting in China along with the Prime Minister of Pakistan’s delegation. During this meeting, he held discussions with the Chairman of Transsion Holdings about investment opportunities in Pakistan.

It was conveyed to the Prime Minister of Pakistan that Inovi Telecom currently employs over 5,000 people in Pakistan. The company has shown a keen interest in further investment within the country. During the meeting, Inovi Telecom reiterated its commitment to promoting mobile phone manufacturing in Pakistan and increasing employment opportunities.

Zeeshan Mianoor informed the Prime Minister about the company’s plans to expand its current investments in Pakistan, which will not only benefit the national economy but also create more job opportunities for the youth.

Detailed discussions took place between both companies about future projects, raising hopes for further development and investment in Pakistan’s technology sector.

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