Recent Cable Breaks Severely Impact Pakistan’s Internet Services

Recent Cable Breaks Severely Impact Pakistan’s Internet Services

Pakistan’s internet services have recently suffered significant disruptions due to cable breaks in the SMW-5, SMW-4, and AAE1 submarine cables. The damage has notably impacted connectivity during peak hours.

Impact on Internet Services:

Reduced Bandwidth:The cable breaks have resulted in diminished internet bandwidth, causing slower speeds and increased latency.
Congestion and Packet Loss: The reduced bandwidth has led to network congestion and packet loss, significantly degrading the overall internet experience.

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Affected Directions:

East Direction: The SMW-5 and SMW-4 cable breaks have disrupted internet traffic coming from the east, including regions such as Singapore, Malaysia, and other Southeast Asian countries.
West Direction:The AAE1 cable break has impacted internet traffic from the west, including Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Repair Work:

SMW-5 and SMW-4:Repair efforts are in progress, but the completion timeline remains uncertain.
AAE1:Similarly, repair work is ongoing, with an uncertain timeline for resolution.

This situation has highlighted the vulnerabilities in Pakistan’s internet infrastructure and the critical need for diversified and resilient connectivity options.

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