Rinku Singh IPL Price 2024: Retained by Kolkata Knight Riders

Rinku Singh IPL Price 2024: Retained by Kolkata Knight Riders

Who is Rinku Singh?

Rinku Singh is an emerging star in Indian cricket, known for his prowess as a left-handed batsman and right-arm medium-fast bowler. Born on October 12, 1997, in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, Singh has showcased his talent both in domestic cricket and the Indian Premier League (IPL). He made his IPL debut in 2018 and has been a valuable player for the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) ever since.

Rinku Singh’s IPL Journey

Rinku Singh’s journey in the IPL began in 2018 when Kolkata Knight Riders bought him for a base price of INR 80 lakhs. Despite being a relatively new player, Singh made an immediate impact with his performance. Here’s a detailed look at his performance over the years:

  • 2018 Season: In his debut season, Singh played 8 matches, scoring 73 runs at an average of 14.60. Although these numbers were modest, they marked the beginning of his IPL career.
  • 2019 Season: Singh appeared in 5 matches and scored 37 runs with an average of 18.50. While he had limited opportunities, he continued to gain valuable experience.
  • 2020 Season: Singh played only one match in the 2020 season, scoring 11 runs. Despite the limited playtime, he remained a part of the KKR squad.
  • 2021 Season: Although Singh did not get a chance to play, KKR retained him at his original auction price, reflecting their belief in his potential.
  • 2022 Season: Singh had a more active season, playing 7 matches and scoring 174 runs with an average of 34.80. His performance started to show signs of his growing confidence and skill.
  • 2023 Season: This was Singh’s breakout season. He played 14 matches, scoring an impressive 474 runs at an average of 59.25, including four half-centuries. This performance solidified his place as a key player for KKR.

Rinku Singh’s Retention by KKR for IPL 2024

For the 2024 IPL season, Rinku Singh has been retained by Kolkata Knight Riders for Rs 55.00 lakh. This retention is a significant increase from his initial price of INR 80 lakhs in 2018, indicating KKR’s growing confidence in his abilities and potential contribution to the team.

Performance Highlights

Season Matches Runs Batting Average 100s 50s
2018 8 73 14.60 0 0
2019 5 37 18.50 0 0
2020 1 11 11.00 0 0
2021 0
2022 7 174 34.80 0 0
2023 14 474 59.25 0 4

Rinku Singh’s Performance Analysis

Rinku Singh’s standout season in 2023, where he scored 474 runs at an average of 59.25, was pivotal in his retention for the 2024 season. His ability to perform under pressure and deliver crucial innings has made him a valuable asset to the team. Singh’s four half-centuries in 2023 showcased his consistency and skill, further cementing his reputation as a reliable batsman.

Future Prospects with KKR

Rinku Singh’s retention by KKR for the 2024 IPL season underscores the franchise’s faith in his talent and potential. Here’s why Singh is considered vital for KKR’s future:

  1. Consistency: Singh’s performance in the 2023 season demonstrated his ability to score runs consistently, making him a dependable player in the batting lineup.
  2. Versatility: As both a batsman and a medium-fast bowler, Singh adds depth and flexibility to the KKR squad.
  3. Experience: Having been with KKR since 2018, Singh brings valuable experience and understanding of the team dynamics.
  4. Potential for Growth: At just 26 years old, Singh has a long career ahead and the potential to become one of the core players for KKR.

Strategic Importance

KKR’s decision to retain Rinku Singh early in the retention process highlights their strategic approach to building a strong team for the future. By securing Singh’s services, KKR has reinforced their batting lineup, adding depth and versatility to their squad for the upcoming season.


Rinku Singh’s retention by Kolkata Knight Riders for the IPL 2024 season at Rs 55.00 lakh is a testament to his talent, hard work, and consistent performance. His journey in the IPL, marked by steady improvement and significant contributions, showcases his resilience and dedication to the sport. As he prepares for the upcoming season, fans and analysts will be keen to see how Singh capitalizes on this opportunity to further cement his place in one of cricket’s most prestigious leagues. With his talent and determination, Rinku Singh is poised to make a lasting impact in the IPL and continue his ascent in the world of cricket.

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