Breaking News: Major Developments in Pedestrian De-Registration at Torkham Border

Breaking News: Major Developments in Pedestrian De-Registration at Torkham Border

Islamabad, July 2024 – The Ministry of Interior has unveiled comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the de-registration of Afghan pedestrians, including patients, at the Torkham border. This policy change will impact thousands of Afghan nationals currently holding Proof of Registration (POR) or Afghan Citizen Card (ACC).

Key Highlights:

  1. Confiscation of POR/ACC Cards:
    • Afghan refugees traveling with POR/ACC cards will have their cards confiscated, retained, and de-registered upon crossing the border.
  2. Voluntary Repatriation Program:
    • Refugees participating in the UNHCR’s Voluntary Repatriation Program will receive a Voluntary Return Form (VRF), which will facilitate access to cash grants in Afghanistan.
  3. Procedure for Non-UNHCR Assisted Returns:
    • Border Process: Afghan refugees repatriating independently will have their POR/ACC cards punched and retained by FIA staff at the border.
    • Identification: A computer-generated token will be issued for identification purposes in Afghanistan.
    • NADRA Involvement: Retained cards will be sent to NADRA-HQ for cancellation. NADRA will update the Ministry of States and Frontier Regions (SAFRON) and the Commissionerate for Afghan Refugees (CCAR) bi-weekly on the status of de-registered cards.
    • Watch List: Details of de-registered individuals will be added to the Integrated Visa Approval System (IVAS) watch list.
    • No Reissuance: Once a card is punched, retained, or de-registered, it will not be reissued. Errors or omissions will be the responsibility of the individual, and such individuals will not be eligible for Pakistani CNICs.

Request for Feedback:

The Ministry of Interior invites views and comments on these draft SOPs by July 9, 2024. Stakeholders and concerned parties are encouraged to provide their input to ensure the smooth implementation of these procedures.

Official Statement:

Zafra Khalid, Deputy Secretary (Refugees), stressed the importance of these new regulations in managing pedestrian movement at the Torkham border. The Ministry aims to streamline the process and ensure accurate identification and repatriation of Afghan nationals.

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