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Food Delivery Apps- Your Best Buddies When in Need


Online food websites and apps are a blessing if you have a knack for food. With tons of options available at Cheetay, Foodpanda and many others, it is hard to decide where to order from. Once you choose where and what to order, a simple lunch or dinner becomes an enjoyable feast for you!

Variety of Cuisines available on Apps

From Thai, Chinese and Desi to French, Greek and Italian, food delivery apps have all that you can ask for. They offer food at a number of different price points and give you discounts and offers every now and then. If you want to go by taste and not by the type of cuisine,then choose what you think is appetizing. The liberty to order a variety of dishes from an array of restaurants in the app is a feature that keeps you hooked. So, instead of going to various restaurants and being stuck in the queue for long hours, you can click to order and track to receive.

Your Experience Fuels the Apps to Run

Customer experiences matter a great deal for food delivery apps and the restaurants that are linked with them. Just like the restaurants promise to deliver the “ultimate food experience”, food delivery apps such as cheetay have a column for the most popular items ordered. This automated update influences your decision and helps you find your favourite much faster. If you like to scan the menu to try something new, apps give you a list of ingredients under the name of each dish. This helps you imagine the texture and taste before ordering. For instance, if Arcadian Café offers a dish under the name Pollo Ala Pastor, its menu will include certain ingredients that give you an idea what the dish is all about.

Apps have all options on the table for you

Food apps are competing on convenience. They offer to put all sorts of fancy cuisines before you like a genie fulfilling your wish! Additional features are there to delight you. They not only make the food process transparent but also tell you to wait patiently for a while. It is amazing to see how the moment you click and order, the whole world conspires in helping to fulfill it. When the hot sizzling food arrives at the door, you do not even have to pay and wait for change from the rider. You can easily pay through your debit/credit card. In case you want the rider to get something else such as a packet of cigarettes or a few naan from the nearest tandoor, just mention it along with your order if you are buying online from Cheetay.pk and it will be delivered right away

Food delivery apps show a rising trend- Do you agree?

Food delivery apps are still in the awareness stage. Business processes are evolving with the advancement of technology. Artificial intelligence is becoming the new way of doing business all over the world. Pacing up with the speedy internet world is making it difficult for us to have home-made food even once a week. Even though Pakistan is a developing country, food delivery companies are mushrooming with more millennials getting busy in making a living and paying less attention to home-made food.  They want fresh food to be delivered hot instantly at their tables.
These millennials leave their homes in a hurry early in the morning and have no time to prepare a home-made lunch. When they come home in the evening they are too tired to make a fresh homemade meal so they order. There are only a few restaurants who claim to cook food the same way it is cooked at home. There is also “The Cheetay Tiffin” that promises to keep the taste of home-made food alive. Businesses like Cheetay.pk are tapping into this market to stand out of the clutter. They believe that home-made food market is the next big revolution in the online food industry. They have implemented this early to win a new race that is about to start.

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