J Vigilant-Visitor Management System developed by Jaffer Business Systems


J Vigilant-Visitor Management System

A solution developed by Jaffer Business Systems


Visitors can present a potential risk to any organization, and managing that risk is an important component of security.

J-Vigilant visitor management system developed by Jaffer Business Systems, caters to the visitor management requirements of the organizations and addresses the shortcomings of the manual system.The Visitor management system monitors the visitors and provides accurate record statistics of each visitor entering any facility.It recordsthe usage of the facilities by specific visitors.It has the feature to restrict authorization to visitors to particular zones. So a visitor once entered in a facility will still not be authorized to access all locations/points except the ones he is permitted to.Interactive Registration form for each visitor is designed and the information of all visitors is stored in the systemwhich saves the time and cost to re-register the visitors.

Main Features for Visitor Management System include:

  • Identify visitors in few seconds.
  • Security checks & access authorization
  • Restrict visitors from entering secure locations of the facility.
  • Maintain the history of each visitor with his/her purpose of visit.
  • Generate flexible reports on-demand.
  • Separate Card inventory for visitors.
  • Different types of visitors categories for example Ex-Employees, Foreigners and Civilians are managed by the system.