Dawlance Inverter based Home Appliances  Make Pakistan Proud

Dawlance Inverter based Home Appliances Make Pakistan Proud

Dawlance Inverter based Home Appliances  Make Pakistan Proud

Karachi (02 March, 2016): Home appliances are a necessity for every household in Pakistan but using them regularly is a very expensive proposition for the majority due to substantial cost of electricity. Taking this into consideration Dawlance has launched a series of inverter based Inspire Plus Inverter Air Conditioners, which can save PKR 26,000 annually in the electricity bill hence making the use of appliances extremely economical.

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Dawlance, the number one home appliance manufacturer in Pakistan has launched Inspire Plus Inverter Air Conditioners to add to its already available Signature Inverter Series Refrigerators. As summer season is approaching, the demand and usage of air conditioners is going to hit an all-time high since it has been predicted that 2016 is going to have the hottest summers recorded. By the introduction of Dawlance inverter series products consumers can now enjoy these necessities for the fraction of a price that they would normally pay in lieu of electricity bills.Speaking at the launch event Hasan Jamil, General Manager Marketing Dawlance said, “Dawlance believes in providing sustainable lifestyle solutions for Pakistan and with its state of the art research and development facilities, we are able to deliver products that are manufactured keeping in mind the comfort of every Pakistani. Given the substantial cost of electricity for a household, the Dawlance Inverter Series products can bring a significant difference in the customer’s electric bills.”

The Inspire plus air conditioner is truly an innovation marvel as it does not only cool but heats as well, so it can be used round the year. It is available in 3 different colors, champagne gold, white and red. It can work on voltages as low as 155volts eliminating the need for using stabilizers and given the power outage situation can also work on generators. The Signature Series Invertor Refrigerator comes equipped with direct cool technology, built in chemical free insect repellent, and can work on voltages as low as 135volts.According to research, if one Pakistani household starts using Inverter Series refrigerators and air conditioners then they can save enough electricity to power 11 villages. By adopting these products for daily use, the consumers can contribute to reducing the current electricity shortage in the country.Keeping in mind all these benefits, it’s not a tough decision to switch to inverter products as it leads to a win-win situation for Pakistan and allows people to play their role in making Pakistan proud.

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