Microsoft news summary: Google claims “Google” is the most searched-for word in Bing, Xbox Cloud Gaming is expanding, and more


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Google has been “by far” the most searched for term on Bing, Microsoft’s Bing, Google says

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In an attempt to contest an antitrust fine of $5 billion handed down to the EU, Google has claimed that “Google” is the most used search term on Bing’s by Microsoft and argued that users make use of Google because they want to do so.

Xbox Cloud Gaming officially debuts across Brazil, Mexico, Australia, and Japan

Microsoft’s gaming streaming plans continue to accelerate as it has recently announced the company has extended the Xbox Cloud Gaming service to Brazil, Mexico, Australia, and Japan which will open gaming streaming services to a wider audience.

Microsoft begins tests Xbox Cloud Gaming on Xbox consoles

In addition to the Xbox Cloud Gaming announcements, game streaming is currently in the process of being evaluated using Xbox consoles. This feature lets Xbox Game Pass games be played with no download and, eventually, enables Xbox One console owners to play games of the future. The testing is open to Xbox Insiders.

Microsoft Chief Executive Satya Nadella looks back on TikTok acquisition discussions, “the strangest thing I’ve ever worked on”

In the aftermath of talks that were held to purchase TikTok TikTok CEO Satya Nadella has said that they were “the strangest thing” that has worked on in his career however, the discussions didn’t lead to the final acquisition.