Windows Insider Program is removing ineligible Windows 11 computers from the Windows Insider Program


Microsoft announced that Windows 11 won’t bring joy to older PCs because it featured significant changes. Among the CPUs that were cut off the list are the 6th gen and 7th gen Intel processors. AMD processors were in no good shape either. The new-generation Windows was still available to enthusiasts, so they bought it anyway. Microsoft used to allow these older computers to at least try the new Windows version. However, as we near the stable release date, the process to kick out unsupported computers has begun.


Users who had been in Beta or Dev channels and were running on unsupported hardware could stay with the program until stable versions were available. Upon its arrival, they’d have to be turned back to Windows 10 21H2 build. Microsoft has started to filter out the ineligible devices and is prompting them to return to Windows 10 for the ongoing update cycle.

Microsoft continued to air prerelease builds on unsupported core CPUs. These included 20H2, 21H1, or 21H2. These became the stepping stones towards the big upgrade. This is the reason why Microsoft let Insiders, Dev channels, and others get into the new version. Microsoft analyzed the data from the older builds and concluded that the crashes were negligible at 0.2% for eligible PCs, while the crash rates of ineligible PCs were 52% higher.

It is now that you can move your older PCs back to their original locations. For the systems that are being deported back to Windows 10, you may still have a chance to run Windows 11 by installing it via ISO.