Xiaomi surpasses Apple by Q2 2021 to be the No.1 brand in the world. 1 wearable brand


Xiaomi surpasses Apple by Q2 2021 to be the No.1 brand in the world. 1 wearable brand. Canalys has released data that shows the global wearables market saw a 5.6% annual growth in Q2-2021. This period saw an estimated 40.9M wearables being shipped.

Xiaomi surpasses Apple

It also revealed that Xiaomi, the Chinese tech giant Xiaomi surpasses Apple to be the top-selling smartwatch brand in Q2 20201. Xiaomi’s feat was possible due to the Mi Smart Band 6’s performance, even though it wasn’t launched in India at the time. Xiaomi just launched its Mi Band 6 in India, and we expect it to continue to drive Chinese-made sales.

Surprisingly Huawei, the Chinese tech giant, retained the third spot. The Chinese market, one of the world’s biggest, is driving the sale. Fitbit follows closely, while Samsung takes the top 5 spots.


Xiaomi surpasses Apple

Xiaomi’s success comes at a time when smart band sales are declining. This trend began in Q4 2020 and continued through the first quarter of 2019. The basic bands are being replaced by smartwatches, and Apple is the leader in this segment. Cupertino’s company holds 31.1% of the market share for Q2 2021.

Huawei takes second place with an estimated 9 percent market share. Garmin, Samsung, and Xiaomi are all on the second spot with a combined 7.6% and 7% market shares, respectively.

According to the report, smartwatches are responsible for 62% of worldwide wearable band shipments. Manufacturers are developing more sophisticated models that include a lot of important features. We expect this trend continues. Apple is expected not to lose its market share in Q3 or Q4 as it lowers the prices for its current models to make way for the Watch Series 7 launch. It is expected that the Watch Series 7 will drive sales in the fourth quarter after it is released.