Pakistan cultural performance enthralls audience in Ankara

A captivating performance depicting myriad facets of Pakistani culture enthralled thousands of audience on Saturday night at Keçiören, Ankara.  The occasion was the celebration of “Pakistan Night” as part of the 6th International Ramazan Festivities, hosted by the Municipality of Keçiören. Participation in the programme has been organized by the Pakistan Embassy in Ankara, in collaboration with Pakistani students in the city.

Pakistan cultural performance Pakistan cultural performance

Chairman of Pakistan-Turkey Friendship Association and AK Party Member Parliament from Van Mr. Burhan Kayatürk, Ambassador of Pakistan to Turkey Mr. Sohail Mahmood, Keçiören Municipality Mayor Mr. Mustafa Ak, and Federation of Associations of Kırşehir Mr. Hilmi Gökçınar jointly performed the opening ceremony of Pakistan House (Pavilion). A diverse range of Pakistani products including coffee table books, textiles, traditional handicrafts, dresses, truck art, photographic display of Turkey-Pakistan relations, and tourism materials are on display until 6 July 2015.

At the outset of the ceremony, Ambassador Sohail Mahmood presented national dress of Pakistan to Mayor Mustafa Ak, which he wore during the entire programme. During his speech, Ambassador Sohail Mahmood highlighted the special nature of Pakistan-Turkey relations and the immortal bonds between the two nations, nurtured by each successive generation. He added that the promotion of bilateral cultural collaboration and people-to-people exchanges were among the key priorities of both the governments. The Ambassador also thanked Turkey, particularly the Mayor and people of Keçiören, for planting trees in memory of the schoolchildren and staff martyred in a brutal terrorist attack on Peshawar’s Army Public School in December 2014. “This gesture of solidarity has made a permanent place for you in the hearts of over 190 million Pakistanis,” he added.

Mr. Burhan Kayaturk in his speech referred to longstanding relations between Pakistan and Turkey, noting that the works of Pakistan’s national poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal also highlighted the love and affection between the two peoples. He referred to the support extended by the Muslims of the Sub Continent to the Turkish nation during its War of Independence.

Mayor Mustafa Ak highlighted the importance of Keçiören Municipality’s international festivities programme, stating that it helped bring friendly countries even closer. He expressed special delight at Pakistan’s participation in their 6th International Ramzan Festivities this year.

Later, students from Pakistan Embassy School and others studying at various Universities in Ankara presented a cultural show. The performances portrayed the rich and diverse cultures of the four provinces of Pakistan. The audience heartily applauded the outstanding performances rendered by students. A particular attraction at Pakistan Pavilion was the Beetle car, with unique truck art of Pakistan, with which visitors of all ages enthusiastically took photographs. Female visitors also availed themselves of the free henna offered at Pakistan Pavilion.

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