Huawei continues to honor its valued customers in Pakistan

Huawei has decided to turn the ending of 2015 into a marathon of its new smart phones. These smart phones range from low to mid to high-end categories which ensures that each and every Huawei customer gets his own preferred device. The versatility of the Huawei smart phones is now a well known fact. This brand delivers the best devices which cater to the needs of the people from all walks of life.

huawei honor

The Honor series smart phones launched in Pakistan by Huawei have certainly grasped the interests of current and prospect customers. Huawei Honor series smart phones have helped the brand gain a tremendous sales growth in Pakistan’s smart phone market, which contributes significantly to the overall growth of the brand.

Huawei is soon going to deliver,  another Honor prodigy in the local mobile shops. This smart phone has been reported to carry an exciting feature, which would allow the users to take selfies with the device’s basic rear camera. Now isn’t that thrilling?

Huawei’s marketing head, Mr. Fraz M Khan said, “This new Honor smart phone, to be launched by Huawei, would surely be loved by our valued customers. The dynamic camera, enhanced fingerprint scanning, clear, vibrant screen are few among numerous attractive features, which this upcoming smart phone would carry.” He further said that, “We wish to provide our worthy customers with the best of the technologies and gadgets so that Huawei’s dreams of making this world a better connected place, would become true.”

It has been announced that this smart phone would be launched by the end of November, 2015 at an economical price. Huawei’s upcoming Honor smart phone, following the trend of its ancestors will undoubtedly gather an overwhelming sales response from the local smart phone market and add tremendously to the fame and the growth of the prestigious brand. Huawei is aiming towards becoming the top brand in the smart world globally, beating all the others with its futuristic devices and outstanding after sale services. Huawei has already established itself as a name of trust and expertise and soon it will also be regarded as the highest grossing brand as well.

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