Global launch of most advanced Flagship Device by Huawei at CES 2016

Huawei Pakistan

                                             Global launch of most advanced Flagship Device by Huawei at CES 2016

Global launch of most advanced Flagship Device

On the occasion of CES 2016 Huawei stole the lame light by making Global launch of its most advanced flagship smart phone Mate 8.  Mate is the manifestation of the commitment of Huawei with its customer worldwide to provide with the best quality experience of most advanced technological innovations. No doubt, smart devices like the previously launched Mate S that has significantly grabbed the consumer pools are profoundly crafted with utmost care and focus towards customer centric approach.

Huawei brand loyalty grows robustly in the markets and most importantly in Pakistan due to the reason of consistent production of marvelous smart devices by Huawei. Mate 8 is the most awaited smart phone here in Pakistan. With the global launch of Mate 8 excitement even rose in the Pakistan consumer market and the requests for the launch date are being made by the Huawei brand lovers.

Most alluring thing Huawei has incorporated in Mate 8 is the Operating System of this high technology flagship device. Mate 8 runs on Huawei’s EMUI 4.0, founded on Android Marshmallow 6.0. This latest and incredibly efficient operating system makes Mate 8 functioning smooth and gives best experience of smart phone usage. Moreover keeping user experience feedback into consideration Huawei has come up with improvements in its all new Mate 8.

It is significant to note that Huawei’s Mate S has broken all the records of sales and placed a precedent in the Pakistani market. Now as it is expected that soon Mate 8 will be launched in Pakistan as well, it will be great to see the consumers’ response to the fabulous high technology device.

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