Huawei Y7 Prime – the Hero of Smartphone Gaming

Huawei Y7 Prime – the Hero of Smartphone Gaming

Huawei Y7 Prime – the Hero of Smartphone Gaming

Lahore August11th, 2017:Gamers can’t get enough of fantasy role-playing; one of the summer’s hottest gaming trends. Against spectacularly imaginative backdrops, players assume the roles of characters in an online fictional setting, as they undertake exhilarating quests to save the day! There is a new smartphone gamers should know about – the Huawei Y7 Prime.


The newest member of the beloved Huawei Y series, the Huawei Y7 Prime is an absolute hero when it comes to smartphone gaming; from its robust battery for all-day game play, to its powerful processor to keep games running quickly and smoothly, to its metallic design that makes the device comfortable to hold for hours of gaming on-the-go.


Winners have top strength, enabling them to battle it out and withstand fierce attacks on your kingdom. The Huawei Y7 Prime is a hero in strength. The smartphone’s massive 4000mAh battery gives users a full day of action with just one charge – so you get the strength to play any other game, all day long.


The Huawei Y7 Prime offers users intelligent, intuitive operation in the brand’s signature Emotion User Interface (EMUI), now updated to EMUI 5.1. 90% of frequent actions can be completed in 3 steps, and special for game lovers, eye comfort mode makes the screen more comfortable for the eyes while long-time reading and playing games. Smartphone gamers need speed too, in order to keep games running quickly and smoothly. The Huawei Y7 Prime offers a powerful Qualcomm 1.4 GHz Octa-core processor, plus 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM, so your favourite games – and everything else – don’t slow down.


In fantasy games, armor helps to withstand damage, so you can keep on fighting. To protect the Huawei Y7 Prime and keep its gaming capabilities functioning at their best, the device has been designed with a tough metallic body plus sandblasted details and rounded corners, so it’s strong, beautiful, and comfortable to hold.


The Huawei Y7 Prime is likewise equipped with an agile 5.5” large HD display featuring 2.5D glass, allowing for stunning colors and graphics. The Y7 Prime is using Adreno 505 as its Graphic processing unit (GPU) which improves its performance mainly in graphic display and a good point for 3D game lovers.


Huawei Y7 Prime has 8MP front and 12MP back camera, with a beauty mode which does a wonderful job as it has adjustable options of brightness and softness. For blurry or bokeh effect there is a wide aperture in Huawei Y7 Prime, having a range from f/16 to f/0.95

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