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Cheetay Tiffin: The New Service Providing Affordable, Healthy Home-Cooked Food

Cheetay Tiffin: The New Service Providing Affordable, Healthy Home-Cooked Food

Lahore November 27, 2017: recently ventured into a new business category. Having established a foothold in the technology industry with a tech-savvy and prompt e-commerce platform, they are taking convenience to a whole new level. For the multitude of people who do not have access or the means to eat homemade and healthy food, “The Cheetay Tiffin” is the way to go. is merging three aspects which are of paramount importance for people looking for an instant meal: having affordable (Rs. 250 per person), healthy food with prompt delivery. The business model hinges on meticulously shortlisting vendors who focus on quality, taste and a wide variety so that everyone can pick and choose a healthy menu that suits their desire and needs.

Ahmed Khan, CEO of stated, “you ask yourself a litany of questions when it’s lunch time, more so when you’re at work. What could I have brought from home? There wasn’t much left from last night so do I order out? Should it be healthy? Should I order Desi or focus on a variety of cuisines? Where can I get home cooked food? What people seek is a convenient way of eating food that is delicious, healthy, light on your pocket and can be delivered to you instantly. That is where we come in”.

How it Works

The dynamics of conventional eating and dining out are changing with technology making it so convenient. Virtual/Online restaurants are on the rise enabling customers to eat home-cooked food without actually cooking themselves. is the intermediary which gives these online ventures a virtual platform by enabling them to use their existing logistics model to deliver safe and healthy food to anyone eating on a budget.

      Changing tastes and the demand for convenience

Given the constant demand for affordable and delicious home cooked food, decided to create a stir in the market by focusing on innovative ideas and using their cutting-edge technology to offer unconventional services to the masses.

They plan to revolutionise the e-commerce industry by integrating payment solutions and logistics service to create a multi-dimensional e-commerce platform which is customer centric and offers convenience. For it is imperative to venture into those fields of service that serve the masses and ensure maximum utility in terms of priority. Being a consummate delivery logistics service they constantly seek new avenues to innovate and grow.

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