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Grab the best Full-Screen Display Smartphone

Grab the best Full-Screen Display Smartphone


Tecno Mobile, a leading Hong-Kong based is coming up with lot of surprises this year for Pakistan, One of them is the launch of their upcoming product, according to the rumors this new product has full-screen and has 13MP camera. Tecno Mobile has already effectively disrupted the smartphone market in Pakistan last year with several innovative products however, it is expected that the coming gadget will set the pace for subsequent product designs in 2018.



Asides from debuting a bezel-less screen and offering users more screen space to better appreciate their multimedia content, the new TECNO gadget is supposed to revolutionize photography on a smartphone and leave people deliberating how such a simple handheld gadget can capture fantastic images like a professional DSLR camera.


Though there has not been any leaked detail about the phone’s exact specifications however, one would expect that its camera shouldn’t be less than a 13MP – Considering in mind that, the normal camera rating of their gadgets released previously, has 13MP. Unsurprisingly, other features of the camera, the hardware specs, design and the flexibility has been tipped to excite.


Interestingly, rumor has it that the brand is forecasting the launch of the new device on 8th February as they have recently started teaser campaign over digital as well. If everything goes as expected; smartphone lovers across Pakistan will soon be holding their full-screen device designed for everyone. So guys, let start the countdown, so we all can finally activate our new smartphone experience with the TECNO full-screen device.


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