Jazz launches exclusive health service

Jazz launches exclusive health service

Jazz, Pakistan’s leading digital communications company, has launched a brand new 24 hour doctor and hospital insurance package ‘BIMA Sehat’ for its prepaid subscribers. The service, in partnership with Alfalah Insurance, and BIMA Pakistan (previously MILVIK), the leading global provider of mobile based insurance and health products, offers customers access to a huge range of insurance and health benefits starting from PKR 1.28 per day.

In today’s age, advancements in medical and health sciences are occurring at an unprecedented pace ensuring an increase in average life expectancy around the globe. But, in Pakistan and many other emerging markets, there is huge inequality and most people cannot even get access to general care at a reputable hospital. This prompted Jazz, Alfalah, and BIMA Pakistan to introduce new insurance products to customers in 2015 and why they are now exclusively launching BIMA Sehat.

BIMA Sehat gives Jazz subscribers unlimited tele-doctor consultations with a qualified doctor for themselves and their families, consultation summaries via SMS, discounts at pharmacies and on laboratory tests and home medicine delivery.

The main subscriber will also receive cover for every night they need to stay at a hospital with the most extensive BIMA Sehat product providing maximum insurance cover of PKR 10,000 per night. Hospital claims involve a straightforward process to ensure they are paid within three days of filing. Customers can simply call or text ‘CLAIM’ to 9878, which will be followed by a call with a BIMA agent to go through details of the claim.

Now these three companies are building on their existing partnership by introducing new products i.e. BIMA Sehat, as well as strengthening their current insurance offer by introducing funeral expense and hospitalization due to accident cover.  Together they have already reached 2 million customers in Pakistan with over 50,000 people having benefitted from telephone consultations with BIMA doctors.

Speaking at the event Syed Babar Ahmad the head of products at Jazz reiterated the need for private sector to step up efforts in providing accessible and affordable healthcare to the 90%+ population of Pakistan who currently don’t have access to even the basic healthcare consultation. With the overwhelming response at the event we already feel there is a desperate and urgent need in the market for such a service.

Osman Haneef, CEO of BIMA Pakistan, said, “We are constantly looking at ways we can innovate our products and bring new much needed services to people in Pakistan. We’re excited to launch BIMA Sehat with Jazz and Alfalah as it means improved access to health care, better health outcomes and increased financial inclusion for customers. This is another step towards building a Pakistan where every person can easily secure and protect the lives and future of their family.”

To sign up for their latest insurance offering, Jazz subscribers can simply call 9878 or text “BIMA SEHAT”
and an agent will return the call to help them through the process.

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