TECNO Mobile Pakistan will soon be launching their latest mobile, Spark Go. The phone is part of the fantastic Spark series and is rumoured to release in August which makes all of us very excited. 

After dominating in the midrange smartphone scene, TECNO is bringing even more affordability for the public. The brand is rumoured to release a low-priced addition to the bestselling Spark Series which is geared specially towards the youth.

TECNO Spark Go is a well anticipated phone amongst the smartphone reviewers with some specs being speculated online. 

TECNO Spark Go is hinted to have 4G LTE which will give users a fast speed that will help in always keeping you connected. Young people rely on connectivity and so by featuring 4G, Spark Go caters to the needs of the youth.

Other than that, Spark Go will also have a Dot Notch Screen which is the first for a budget device. Dot Notch screens are usually found in mid to high range phones, so seeing this in the Spark makes us look forward to this awesome new phone.


We have come to expect the best from TECNO so its predictable based on previous devices that the screen ratio of Spark Go will be large enough to satisfy our needs.

Talking about safety and security, TECNO Spark Go is noted by some insiders to have the Face Unlock feature. This key spec helps in privacy and ensures ease of function. Plus it’s pretty cool to use face unlocking rather than a passcode to get access to your device.

Another aspect to look forward to with Spark Go is the memory and AI. The memory of other Spark series phones is quite large so we can definitely expect that Spark Go will not disappoint in that regards.

AI on the other hand is something that budget devices don’t offer. However, the AI will be coming into play this time around. It’s rumored that the smartphone will support innovative artificial intelligence that will have multipurpose settings for users. This will lead to ease of use, which is sometimes a rarity in the case of low end smartphones as they come with a lot of sacrifices.

From these circulated specs one can deduce that Spark Go would make for a great budget entertainment phone.

The Spark Series is one of TECNO’s most successful and bestselling products. Earlier Spark Pro made waves in the market and became the highest selling phone in the series due to its special features and rave reviews. This makes us confident that Spark Go will be a user favourite and one of the best budget devices in the market in 2019.

A leaked teaser showed that Spark Go will cost around Rs.14, 999. This is a very reasonable price and for all that’s being offered it is a great deal overall.

We can’t wait to see Spark Go upon its official launch. Till then keep your fingers crossed for more leaks, as they might just be around the corner!

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