OPPO Takes Lead in Unveiling Innovative Technologies to the World

OPPO Takes Lead in Unveiling Innovative Technologies to the World

OPPO has been committed to technology and product innovation that creates a more comprehensive and immersive user experience. The brand is continuously working towards technological evolution from zero to one and considers technological innovation as a way to expand imagination while providing a wide range of high-end features to its consumers.

OPPO’s emphasis, technological strength and profound understanding is not only in the camera function but expands to cover all features of the smartphone. Find X2 Pro is equipped with a top-level professional display screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, 3K QHD+ and 1 billion colors. Furthermore, it is also equipped with a pioneering camera system. The screen reproduces a real and color-rich world, and the camera records it. As times change, the camera is still a frequently used function.

Of course, after years of development and competition, the Find X2 Pro wants to push the boundaries of what mobile phone cameras are capable of. This is no simple task.

Returning to the Origin to see the Path Ahead

As OPPO’s flagship for the high-end market, Find X2 Pro is expected to bring the ultimate camera experience to its users. The R&D team intended to push its shooting performance in various scenarios, including night scene, wide-angle, telephoto and video, to higher standards. Such higher standards brought unprecedented technical challenges. To find the answers they needed, our camera R&D team decided to “return to the origin”. We reviewed the development of the mobile phone camera, looked for gaps by comparing photos shot with mobile phone cameras and professional DSLR cameras, and re-examined the five underlying sensor specifications; namely photo sensitivity, dynamic range, color depth, focus performance, and signal-to-noise ratio. In the end, a new set of standards was introduced for the Find X2 Pro camera system.

  • Photo sensitivity has been improved by more than 50%.
  • Full well capacity increased by 50%.
  • Record 12-bit color depth and directly output 12-bit RAW data.
  • 100% pixel focusing capability and omni-directional phase detection.
  • DSLR-level dual native ISO.

Find X2 Pro main camera adopts the 48MP pixel IMX689 module, which was developed and customized in co-operation with Sony. This sensor not only has a large size of 1/1.4 inches but also has the largest pixel size (1.12 um) among all 48MP mobile phone camera sensors. This gives the Find X2 Pro better-shooting performance in dark light, but its 1/1.43 inch size is particularly bulky for a compact phone. Thankfully, our R&D engineers managed to find a balance between performance and size.

Find X2 Pro’s cameras have adopted innovative camera technologies including all-pixel omnidirectional focus technology, a super-sensitive full-focal triple camera system, Live HDR as well as many other new technologies to make images feel even more real.

10-Bit Live HDR Video, Fully Utilizing Customized Image Sensors

Live HDR video is based on OPPO’s new pixel-level real-time progressive exposure technology. It is a new function developed in collaboration with Qualcomm and Sony that supports 4K QHD+, 30 fps, and 10-bit HDR video recording and previews, as well as a 10-bit high-dynamic display.

Structural Stacking Challenges from Large Image Sensors

OPPO R&D engineers found that the camera lens holder and the motor’s internal holder were studded with bumps. These bumps were designed to reduce the negative effects caused by impacts, but they were also the cause of the noise. Thanks to the joint efforts from our partners, our R&D team reduced the hardness of the buffer structure at the top of the Find X2 Pro’s lens holder and used silicone as the bottom buffer. When impacted, it deforms to absorb the energy and therefore reduces the noise caused.


An Unassuming Three-Microphone System Takes Video Sound Recording to the Next level

The Find X2 Pro comes with a three-microphone system. Among all Chinese mobile phone brands, OPPO is the first to implement a three-microphone design. The Find X2 Pro has 3 microphones, each of which are placed at the bottom, top and back of the mobile phone. When the user receives a call, these three microphones simultaneously perform noise reduction. In addition, their positions allow Find X2 Pro to achieve 3D recording and recording focusing when the user shoots videos.

A Pinnacle and a New Starting Point

As the pioneer of zoom technology on mobile phones, Find X2 Pro, equipped with the new-generation 10x hybrid zoom system, continues to hold its leading position. To meet users’ requirements for smooth zooming and color consistency, we have adopted a new OIS driver chip for the 10x hybrid zoom to enhance zoom stability. Meanwhile, thanks to the independent color temperature sensor at the rear, as well as its multi-focal technology and super-indexing algorithm for fusion images, Find X2 Pro guarantees the consistency of color and white balance of the three cameras at system level and ensures that the zoom process is natural and smooth.

The Road to Developing 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 Flash Charging Technology

The Find X2 Pro is also equipped with SuperVOOC 2.0, OPPO’s 65W flash charging technology. In the new era, due to high battery consumption and richer application scenarios, battery life and charging speed have become more important than ever. Since it is almost impossible to make a major breakthrough in battery energy density in the short term, and the internal space of mobile phones is limited, flash charging has become the most effective way to guarantee a long battery life.

The concept “charge for 5 minutes, call for 2 hours” changed our charging habits in the 4G era. Users can charge their mobile phone in small bursts –Find X2 Pro for example fully charges in 38 minutes. This is also the original intention of OPPO flash charging: users no longer have to wait for charging, and they are free from worrying about battery life so they can focus on what matters to them.

Both Safety and Efficiency Matter

OPPO VOOC flash charging has always adhered to the philosophy:

  • Both efficiency and safety matter for OPPO flash recharging. Efficiency is our goal, while safety is a necessity. If we were to choose between safety and efficiency, we would always put safety first.
  • OPPO has always adhered to the concept of direct charging. We regard the “charging receiving end, transmitting end, charging end, and battery end” as one, and have formed a closed loop of the VOOC charging protocols through customized hardware and algorithms.

The VOOC flash charging technology platform has three complete business lines: VOOC flash charging, SuperVOOC flash charging, and wireless VOOC flash charging:

  • VOOC flash charging has been ceaselessly evolving
  • SuperVOOC is an overall upgrade of the VOOC platform
  • Wireless VOOC flash charging technology completes the flash charging experience for various scenarios


Technological breakthroughs of Find X2 Pro show OPPO’s passion for exploration

Aligned with OPPO’s unwavering commitment to exploration, the company recently partnered with top names of the Pakistani creative industry, Designer Munib Nawaz, professional photographer and filmmaker Abdullah Haris, architect Saad A. Kureshi and the famous content creator Moorroo to kickstart the local “explorer” campaign. By highlighting “the spirit of exploration”, OPPO aims to inspire its users to venture into the unknown and pursue the ultimate.

OPPO’s explorers proudly share the spirit of exploration as the brand aimed to successfully link features of the OPPO Find X2 Pro with the professions of the explorers. These explorers keep pushing the boundaries to bring better experiences to people around the world – a passion shared by OPPO. The various technological breakthroughs of the Find X2 Pro are proof of this ethos, from its cutting-edge screen to powerful imaging system and lightning-fast charging.

To create the Find X2 Pro’s groundbreaking Ultra Vision Camera System, OPPO’s engineers went back to basics, re-exploring professional cameras and the technology behind them for the answers, analyzing discrepancies in image purity, lighting gradients, night shot noise, focusing, and dynamic details. Realizing that no existing sensor could meet their needs, they went through multiple rounds of discussions and explorations with global electronics giant Sony, their sensor supplier for the project. The result is the IMX689, a deeply customized sensor that brings drastically improved light sensitivity, dynamic range, color depth, signal-to-noise ratio and much more.

Pushed forward by OPPO’s tireless pursuit of the ultimate, the all-round excellence of the Find X2 Pro has elevated the OPPO brand to new heights, helping to consolidate its name in the high-end smartphone market. Now, in partnership with Munib, Saad and Abdullah, these three pioneers of performance, technology and design, the Explorer campaign reveals OPPO’s deeply ingrained spirit of exploration and endless pursuit of perfection to the whole world.






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