Long-Lasting Cockroach Control Using Cockroach Glue Traps by WBM Home


The sight of a cockroach running across your bathroom or kitchen tiles is certainly unpleasant. I hate cockroaches; I am scared of them whenever I see a cockroach running around the house I scream. Once I read a magazine where it said that cockroaches even survived a nuclear blast Woa, that is scary. Their body structure is surprisingly strong which makes them survive even terrible events!

Cockroaches are the biggest problem in every Pakistani household especially, the kitchen area where all the food is prepared. These creepy insects are tough to control. Mostly they are attracted by damp surfaces and the smell of food. While cockroaches are the most spreading insects you need to take some simple steps to make your home cockroach-free.


  • Don’t leave the food uncovered in the kitchen
  • Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink
  • Regularly take out the garbage and watch for over spilling of trash.
  • Clean your kitchen floor regularly with a high-quality disinfectant.
  • Keep your kitchen counters, cabinets, and sink clean so that food bits are not lying around.
  • Check for dark corners including the back of the cabinets, below the sink, pipe edges, and under the cooking range clean all areas.


Cockroach Glue Traps By WBM Home


Additionally, you can also use a cockroach glue trap for the cockroach army by WBM home.

The Cockroach glue trap is pre-baited for the annoying cockroaches. Mostly the cockroaches’ favorite meals are rotten trash, sewage, food scraps, cardboard, human food, and whatnot. Place the glue traps near garbage, under the sink, near open cracks, dark corners, under the sofa, and bed.

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The roaches will slowly lure to the glue traps and stick to it. Now they will be unable to move because of the strong adhesive of the glue trap. After being starved and exhausted by their struggle to run away they will eventually die without any physical involvement.



Does Insect glue traps work?


Yes, they work as they are highly effective in luring all creepy crawlies. According to studies the roaches can climb your bed and fly as well yikes! that’s creepy. If I had seen one of them in my bed I would have jumped off like a monkey from the bed. The glue traps are great for catching them even in hard to reach areas. The following features make a chemical-free trap:


  1. Non-poisonous
  2. Odorless
  3. Strong adhesive and super gripping power
  4. Long-Lasting until it is full
  5. No physical involvement
  6. Easy to set up
  7. handsfree disposal


Why desi totkay aren’t much effective?


An effective product is important for pest-free houses. There are a few reasons why the desi tips and tricks are not as effective as glue traps


  1. To create a solution with different ingredients is “Time-consuming”.
  2. It may create an “unpleasant odor” in the house.
  3. You have to work hard to reach the cockroach “hiding areas”.
  4. One product that gives the same benefit is ‘easier to use’.


Which season the cockroaches can be more active?


Although the roaches invade our house all around the year. But they can go underground in the winter. Besides, they like to stay in warm areas, so they can be seen in the kitchen areas as they love warm and humid places no matter what the weather is like. They usually breed in the warm months. They almost go invisible even though they don’t die.



How to solve the nuisance created by cockroaches?


When you have to deal with the spreading of cockroaches, first you have to find their nests. Their nests are usually located in the dark, especially warm and damp areas. So, you may find their nests behind the bathroom and kitchen sinks, in holes and open cracks, cupboards, underneath the fridge, and appliances.


To be more precise you may find cockroaches dropping around their nest. The nest can have an unpleasant odor. If you want to kill the whole army you need to eliminate all their eggs. For this purpose, set up the Cockroach Glue trap near the nest and all the cockroaches will slowly lure into the trap. Destroy the eggs and nest or vacuum out the nest area to avoid any physical activity.


Can a single cockroach spread into multiple armies of cockroaches?


Yes, unfortunately only one cockroach that is carrying an egg causes multiple armies of cockroaches. A typical cockroach can carry a maximum of 50 eggs. It can take 2 days for the female egg to hatch. The abundance of their reproducing system in a day is just enough for you to start eliminating them as soon as possible.


To eliminate all of them you can set up the cockroach glue traps in multiple areas of your house and wait for them to get caught red-handed. You can place it in the areas where cockroach infestations are more in number.


How to block the cockroaches from the house?


As cockroaches are the most common invaders of the house, the best way to fight them is to stop them from entering the house in the first place. Here are some ways to prevent them:


  • The cockroaches can enter from crack holes, gaps, and openings in the ground or entryway. Seal the gaps with cement to prevent them from setting their foot in.
  • Use rubber gap blockers underneath the doors to block any types of bugs or cockroaches to enter the house.
  • Seal off all holes in pipes, walls, and windows to prevent them from crawling inside.
  • Keep your garage clear from unwanted materials which can become a shelter for cockroaches near your home.
  • In the end, you can set up Cockroach glue traps in places where you have seen more cockroach activity.




WBM Cockroach Glue trap Vs All Insect Killer Spray


Cockroach Glue Traps          All Insect Killer Spray
1.       They are non-poisonous and safe 1.       They are Toxic and risks Health
2.      It has super-gripping power so no cockroach can escape       2.  Cockroaches can run away; they have to be caged in one area to be killed by sprays.
3.     It has no side-effects on health.       3. Chemicals in the insect-killing sprays have side-effects on health.
4.     It is long-lasting until it is full of roaches then disposed of.         4. The harmful chemical can last in the air for 6 to     24 hours
5.     Odorless 5. Unpleasant odor


How Cockroaches are a Survival Beast?


As you begin to eliminate the creepy crawlies in the house, you start to think about how tough it is to get rid of them. You may also think about how long they can live. Unfortunately, these home invaders are survival beasts. A cockroach lifespan can depend on different factors like species, their environment, what they eat, and lastly their gender.


A German cockroach lives for 10 months on average while an American cockroach can live up to 2 years. The cockroach’s skeleton is so strong that it can also survive under the water for half an hour. They can survive without drinking water for a week and without food for up to one month.


What do cockroaches “Hate” most?


The sight of a cockroach running around the house feels disgusting. Besides, there is a chance that many more can be hiding in the dark and quiet places. You can learn to keep the cockroaches away from your home as it is said: “prevention is better than cure”.


The humans may love the smell of citrus but cockroaches hate it the most. This means you can clean your kitchen with citrus-scented cleaners to keep them away. Additionally, you can keep the citrus peels at different places in the house to make them run in the other direction. Although cockroaches are said to be food lovers they can be picky about a few things they hate.


Some species of cockroaches can be choosy about temperature, some like humid areas, and then there are a few that hate the light. There are some natural repellents Products present in the world that have a very strong scent which the cockroaches also hate. Such as tea tree oil, Eucalyptus Oil, lavender oil, and peppermint oil. Besides, you can use an Insect Glue Trap which is non-poisonous and hygienic.


How does the infestation of cockroaches cause diseases?


According to the World Health Organization, the species of cockroaches are responsible for spreading serious diseases such as Polio, diarrhea, dysentery, and typhoid. The food contaminated by cockroaches can cause food poisoning and intestinal problems.

The areas that are filthy and untidy can contain more cockroaches, thus if a person works in such areas the constant exposure can cause an allergy which can produce symptoms of asthma. The cockroaches are bad for the lungs if a person accidentally inhales the droppings, body parts, or saliva it can cause an allergic reaction. The symptoms of allergy include skin rash, sinus infection, nasal congestion, and cough.



 Tips For Using Pre-baited Cockroach Glue traps (WBM Home)



If you are going to use a cockroach glue trap, you have to be patient for it to work. The reason is that glue traps don’t kill on contact they just make the insect stick to it and unable to move. They don’t die instantly rather they struggle to run away. To make sure your glue traps are as effective as they should be there are a few tips to keep in mind when placing the glue traps correctly.


  1. The Best way to get amazing results is to place multiple glue traps at different places of the house.
  2. Replace and dispose of the glue traps as soon as they get full of roaches.
  3. Never use a chemical liquid spray around the areas where you have placed the glue traps as cockroaches will never get to them.
  4. Avoid placing the glue traps on areas where pesticides have already been sprayed as cockroaches die in their way to the glue traps.
  5. Remove any other food scraps that can attract cockroaches as they won’t attract the pre-baited glue trap.



The scariest type of cockroach is one that can fly!


As if they are not “scary” enough they can fly straight to you. Yes! you heard right, as much as you are afraid of them, they are also afraid of you. So, if they fly straight towards you then they must be frightened and probably not know where they are headed.


Although, most of the cockroaches do not fly all the time they fly because of a reason. It can be to reach a moisture area, or there is too much heat or cold in the area. They can also fly when they are frightened by a threat. The flying cockroaches can enter the house through open doors, windows, pipes, and broken screens. The species that fly do not remain in the house for a long time as they like to flutter outdoors.


The cockroaches are very nasty and awkward species often they can be seen in the kitchen and washrooms but in some instances, they can crawl over to the beds just for fun. Yes, they can crawl over you! just the thought of it disgusts me to the core.

What’s your Nasty cockroach-encounter?


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Interesting facts

A Head-less Crawlie

Cockroaches can survive for weeks without their head; as the head is not needed for the functioning of their legs. The legs continue to move which is called the “Reflex movement”

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