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Driving the FinTech Revolution: UPaisa and Abacus partner to fast track digital transformation

UPaisa and Abacus entered into a strategic partnership for the launch of a mobile application which simplifies cashless transactions and expands access to better financial services. Through the innovative offering, UPaisa shall be able to speed up time to market, offer more options to customers, enhance growth opportunities and integrate latest technologies.

The joint collaboration will improve user experience and pave way for cost optimization as well, unfolding numerous avenues for UPaisa users.


Commenting on the partnership with Abacus, Shahbaz Khan, GM Segments and Products Ufone said, “Convenience of the customer has been the central focus for UPaisa thus all our efforts are streamlined to enhance customer experience and provide them greater financial independence. The goal is to build a platform which is user friendly and easily accessible. Our partnership with Abacus will allow us to introduce modifications which will bring us closer to our goal.”


Abacus has introduced an intelligent API Management system which has made the UPaisa app more smart and swift for users. The improved technology infrastructure shall enable customers to enjoy a seamless experience along with reducing glitches and improving overall performance of the app.

The app will be a significant step towards the digital Pakistan vision, allowing customers to avail U Paisa services digitally from anywhere in the country. Through UPaisa , customers can transfer funds, recharge balance for all telecom operators, and pay bills from the comfort of their homes. Similarly, customers can pay by scanning their MasterCard QR codes at any retail shop, restaurant, or petrol station. The transformation further supports U Paisa’s strategic priority to accelerate digital deployment and seamless connectivity across its value chain, driving better service for its customers..


“While many fintech and telcos are still assuming the “wait and watch” strategy, U Paisa is one of the few forward-looking organizations in the country who have taken their customer experience to the next level with architectural modernization,” said, Abbas Ali Khan, MD, Abacus. “We are extremely proud to be part of this journey to help U Paisa increase the digital adoption of its services and better position itself now and for the future,” Khan added.

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