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Swyft: revolutionizing the logistics industry

Press Release: Pakistan’s leading tech-based courier company, Swyft Logistics, has set astonishing new benchmarks and revolutionized the logistics industry over the past one year; thus, resulting in the transformation of last mile solutions being offered in the industry.

Expanding the horizon of this very mindset, Swyft is eager to bring optimum human resource from across the globe, thereby enhancing the eco-system which revolves around the idea of “closing the gap” between E and Now commerce.

The management of Swyft Logistics is keen to further optimize tech and logistics industry within Pakistan by welcoming stalwarts from across the globe. This will not only bring in expertise but also a culture that will further enhance the learning curve that the company aspires to. Keeping in view the current scenario of COVID-19, the idea is to provide lucrative job opportunities, competitive with the global job market.

Muhammad Uns, CEO Swyft Logistics commented, “The purpose of taking this initiative and inviting tech experts to be a part of Swyft from across the globe is to nurture the growth of E-commerce and logistics in Pakistan. We believe that there is a serious room of improvement in the logistics industry, and to make it technologically dynamic. Pakistani tech experts from across the world can play a major role whilst enhancing the benchmarks already set by Swyft.”

Swyft is hence looking to engage experts for various tech roles, namely; Chief Technical Officer and Chief Product Officer to spearhead its tech team and encourage expats to serve for the greater good of ecommerce and logistics in Pakistan. This being said, this will potentially be the most lucrative hiring for these roles in Pakistan with remunerations at par with those being offered at Silicon Valley and various tech epicenters across the world.

With a workforce that has defined new standards in the industry, the ethos of Swyft revolves around engaging great minds to further catalyze its already record-breaking growth, and paving the way for Swyft’s national footprint.

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