vivo X60 Pro is Here to Win Hearts with Its Ultra-Thin Quad-Curve Design and Premium Aesthetics

vivo X60 Pro is Here to Win Hearts with Its Ultra-Thin Quad-Curve Design and Premium Aesthetics

Smartphones have evolved from being mere voice-communication devices to accessories that resonate with one’s style and personality. As a customer-centric brand, vivo is all about giving people what they want! With every new launch, the smartphone brand takes the designing, innovation, and creativity up a notch to match the ever-changing needs of the consumers.

Global leading smartphone brand vivo recognizes the importance of innovative features and unique designs in enhancing user experience. The brand understands the importance of capturing the perfect moments at the perfect time, making it your ideal companion. Therefore, vivo has delivered a flagship smartphone that not only fulfils all your photography needs but also provides a slim and elegant design aesthetic – the perfect blend of style and sleekness.

Thus, the vivo X60 Pro comes with an eye-catching ergonomic design, immersive display, and several other innovative industry-leading features. Here are some of the features that set this masterpiece apart from other smartphones in the league:

Ultra-Thin Quad-Curve Design & Premium Aesthetics


vivo has officially launched a new smartphone, vivo X60 Pro, the first X60 series smartphone to arrive in Pakistan. The cutting-edge design from vivo with maximum imaging quality co-engineered by ZEISS, signifies vivo’s commitment to delivering the best of technology while keeping the style quotient intact.

The X60 Pro’s Ultra-Thin Quad-Curve Design is only 7.59mm thick, offering a comfortable in-hand feel. In the design for the 48MP Gimbal + 13MP Wide-Angle + 13MP Portrait rear camera, about one-third of the mainboard has been hollowed out to present a slimmer device. On this basis, the PCB layout has also been optimized for the ultimate configuration, allowing for a larger battery capacity to be housed within the chassis. The all-new X60 Pro displays elegant 3D curvature with futuristic aesthetics and boasts super-slender curves and a sleek silhouette, carrying on the elegance of the X series. The contours are more captivating than ever and adorned with a choker – a beautiful band that runs along the top edge to complete a picture of grace with a sophisticated touch and feel. Thanks to the X60 Pro, your aesthetic game is on point now!

New Dual Tone Step

The rear cameras encased within the vivo X60 Pro come with New Dual-Tone Step, an ingenious layered design that prevents an otherwise bulky and massive look. Fashioned in thin cascading panels that rise in subtle steps, the New Dual-Tone Step integrates all the professional-grade imaging technologies and photography features co-engineered with ZEISS. The front camera is also smartly placed in the centre rather than the sides to provide a better experience and avoid angled pictures and videos. The elegant 3D curves from the front to the back definitely give the phone an aesthetic edge. With the vivo-ZEISS co-engineered imaging system, the X60 Pro has one of the best camera technologies available out there, all packed into a slim and sleek body, making the overall appearance more structured and layered.

Beautiful Colour Schemes

The all-new X60 Pro flaunts colour palettes inspired by the summer bloom, available in Blue and Black. With Blue, users can experience the visual radiance and feel the eternal hope of a sunrise, comprised of soft blue and purple hues that peek through the morning mist. Black is a powerful colourway that envelopes consumers in the tranquil summer night sky, allowing them to feel the fervour and passion hidden within – the energy of life.

All these above features of X60 Pro have re-defined the look and feel of a premium-range smartphone with its ever-stunning design and high-on-fashion style quotient. It is an all-rounder that you surely cannot miss!

The X60 Pro comes with vivo ZEISS co-engineered technology and will provide customers with a professional-grade photography experience with super clarity and unparalleled sharpness, ensuring a jaw-dropping performance, display, and photography. Go grab yours at an attractive price of Rs. 129,999.

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