Flamingos have arrived in Lake Ucchali and so has Destinations Pakistan!

Flamingos have arrived in Lake Ucchali and so has Destinations Pakistan!

Flamingos are incredible birds – we should all aspire to be more like them. They’re vibrant, they share responsibilities between males and females, like humans they are social animals, living in large colonies they’re travellers. And right now, they are visiting Pakistan!

In their breath-taking video, Destinations Pakistan, has captured these “fiery” birds languishing in Lake Ucchali in Soon Valley, enjoying the world-renowned hospitality of our country. Through the video they not only threw a spotlight on the natural wonders that are home to Pakistan, but their thought-provoking caption triggered a conversation around sustainable tourism and eco-tourism.

Destinations is the leading travel and lifestyle media platform continuously striving for a systemic change through our groundbreaking original content and on-ground initiatives. They bring you the most compelling stories and uncover Pakistan’s cultural and natural hidden gems.

While it is important to promote tourism as it has the potential to bring the much-required boom in the Pakistan economy, it is equally important to ensure that we take proactive and pre-emptive measures to ensure that the tourism is sustained by maintain and preserving the tourist destinations and sights.

As the world wakes up to the realities of the pandemic, there is a deeper appreciation of and preference for “mother earth” and nature. The behaviours are changing towards more outdoor, nature-based tourism, vacations, and staycations. Pakistan is well positioned to benefit from this shift; however, it will only be possible if we ensure that the destinations and habitats are preserved and protected.

In line with the priorities of the Government of Pakistan, the #SaafDestinations initiative of Destinations Pakistan is working on a two-point agenda with a mission to ensure urgent climate action, while simultaneously paving the way for sustainable tourism. These are the kind of initiatives that are the need of the hours as climate change mitigation will not be possible unless everyone joins the efforts.

Promoting tourism through captivating and thought-provoking content is the key as it not only showcases the tourism potential, but also builds a softer image of Pakistan. It great to see Destinations Pakistan bring a sharpened lens to the colours and diversity of Pakistan, but more importantly it is encouraging to see someone finally advocate and raise awareness on responsible tourism, sustainable tourism, and ecotourism.

We have a long to travel before we reach the ideal. It is good to see the journey has started with #SaafDestinations.

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