Ushering In a New Era of Photography with The Revolutionary Camera Capabilities of The Latest vivo X80

Ushering In a New Era of Photography with The Revolutionary Camera Capabilities of The Latest vivo X80

We remember a time when consumers relied primarily on smartphones for communication, but that is no longer the case. Smartphones have evolved tremendously from simple and limited to smart and futuristic, becoming a centre of information, education, and entertainment in modern life. From streaming music and playing games to capturing moments and archiving memories, smartphones have become an integral part of our life. Smartphones, particularly smartphone camera technology, has undergone significant advancements. The smartphone camera is no longer a point-and-shoot device. Users can now record any moment in its ideal form thanks to AI intelligence, improved imaging sensors, and a variety of additional camera functions.

When discussing the progress and transformation of smartphone camera technology, it’s impossible not to include vivo the global technology company that has set numerous milestones ranging from pop-up cameras and dual selfies to night cameras and AI portraits. vivo has revolutionised the smartphone market by providing users with various cutting-edge technologies. Similarly, the X series by vivo is famous for its wide range of features, premium design, and camera technology co-engineered with ZEISS. The recently launched vivo X80 is already making headlines for its incredible features, and the cinematic camera is one of my most loved features of the smartphone. vivo has fulfilled every photography and filmmaking enthusiast’s dream by launching the X80, a smartphone that can compete with a professional DSLR camera.Here is what makes X80’s camera ultimate among other smartphone cameras.

ZEISS T* Coating

The vivo X80 Pro, like its predecessor, offers the unique ZEISS T* Coating in their camera. This helps to improve image quality by improving visible light transmission rates and precisely restoring colours. This technology further diminishes reflectivity, removing stray lights and ghosting. Attaining this level of accreditation ensures superior image in low-light circumstances.

vivo V1+Chip 

The vivo-designed chip is designed to push the limits of smartphone image, display, and game graphics. It enhances night video denoising and brightness to produce high-quality videos even in low-light situations. The Imaging V1+Chip is the result of over 30 months of development work by vivo’s R&D team and imaging lab experts. Aside from enhancing the visual aesthetics and imaging effects of vivo products, the Imaging V1+Chip also aims to bring unparalleled experiences to users by channelling emotional resonance through visual expression.By combining built-in AI with improvements in speed and power consumption, it pushes the limits of mobile imaging computing and enables consumers to take their “Perfect Shot” easier.

ZEISS Professional Video

While shooting a film from the smartphone where exquisite color rendition and high contrast is important, or a tense, dramatic sequence in low light situations, ZEISS ProfessionalVideo offer the performance needed to capture the shot in the purest form. Furthermore, the AI Video Enhancement automatically detects scene changes and offers smooth transitions. No matter how dark the night is, the camera seamlessly adapts to provide amazing results.

ZEISS Professional Imaging

vivo and ZEISS share a professional understanding of the importance of optical systems and the impact of their performance on the smartphone camera experience and provided professional Imaging solution in the latest vivo X80. Additionally, it has unique features like Log Video and Immersive Monitoring, that enables users to shoot like a pro and create cinematic showpieces.

Super Night Portrait

Thanks to the Super Night Portrait technology, users can shoot clear photos even in low light with bokeh that blends perfectly with the background. The AI Skin Retouching Algorithm and AI HD Algorithm provide a stunning studio-quality edge while preserving the natural look and depth of the complexion.Now users can finally take some stylish depth selfies even when it’s dark, or capture selfies with their loved ones with that magical moonlight or shoot vlogs showing those delightful midnight walks.

ZEISS Superb Portrait

To offer a studio quality portrait and perfect focus in every capture, vivo X80 offers multiple camera technologies and features to safeguard and enhance the quality of your portraits. The dedicated 12MP professional portrait lens, new intelligent bokeh algorithm, the famous ZEISS Cinematic Style Bokeh, ZEISS Style Portrait, and many more.

Night Sports Mode

It’s all about focus when it comes to photography! The image will look amateurish no matter how wonderful the lighting or frame is unless the subject is in focus and provides good depth against the background. Missing even the tiniest amount of focus may easily convert a good photo into a bad one. When the subject is constantly moving around, it gets even more challenging. In their smartphone offerings, vivo offers AI autofocus and eye autofocus, which locks the target and monitors the moment to assure perfectly focused pictures in every shot, and with the X80, they go beyond just focusing. The Night Sports Mode provides improved tracking and focus locking capabilities.

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