vivo Y55 Astonishes Pakistani Teck Experts with Its Long Battery Life

vivo Y55 Astonishes Pakistani Teck Experts with Its Long Battery Life

With each passing day, we are witnessing breakthrough creations in smartphones. Vivo has long been considered a pioneer in revolutionizing smartphone technology. As smartphones have become an everyday essential for us, they must perform with utmost efficiency! Besides this, a smartphone should have long battery life for our long workdays and tons of storage. You can drop the search as the Vivo Y55 got you covered! 

After the smartphone’s launch in Pakistan, Vivo banded with leading Pakistani tech reviewers who shared overwhelming responses and reasons why Vivo Y55 is a must-have. Here is what they had to say about the Vivo Y55!

Tamoor Pardesi, a renowned YouTuber from Pakistan, recently got his hands on the new Vivo Y55 and tested the device to see all the pre-launch hype! He posted live stories on his social media platforms while testing the phone’s credibility in real-time. After running a 24-hour test on the device’s battery life, he was blown away by its battery capacity. 

Ali Abbas, better known as Mastech, also tested the battery life of Vivo Y55 and found the results astonishing. The Y55 is supported by 44W FlashCharge, which enables users to fully charge their phone in a surprisingly short period and provides enough power to last the entire day. 

Moina Shah from PhoneWorld jumped on the bandwagon and tested the battery life of Vivo’s latest Y55 for 24 hours herself. She started the test with a 60% charged Vivo Y55, and after intensely using it for the entire day, the phone still had 15% battery left. Now, how cool is that?

Popular tech experts: WhatMobile, Khalid Technical, How to Urdu, and Talha Reviews, were also taken aback by the battery capacity. They enjoyed performing the overall test, emphasized the phone’s long battery life, and expressed admiration for it. 

The phone is also equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon® 680 6nm, a powerful processor capable enough to support heavy load tasks on the phone for extended periods without a lag. So, you can continue to be out and about, completing tasks efficiently using just one device — the Vivo Y55. 

All the tech reviewers were in awe of the Vivo Y55 and believed it was the future of smartphones. The Y55 is the finest option for consumers looking for a smartphone with great performance, features, and long-lasting functionality.

Vivo has always believed in catering to its customer’s evolving needs, and the launch of this latest Y series member— Vivo Y55, proves just that! 

Experts have approved and tested the device. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on one today!

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