Pakistan Connected with France Through Submarine Cable

Pakistan Connected with France Through Submarine Cable

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority


Pakistan Connected with France Through Submarine Cable

Islamabad: (6th September, 2022): Pakistan & East Africa Connecting Europe (PEACE) Cable International Network Co. Ltd has completed the construction of a submarine cable infrastructure, providing connectivity from Karachi to Marseille, France. The Pakistan-Egypt segment connects Karachi and Zafarana, Egypt total length of which is 5,800 KM. The connectivity from Pakistan to France has now fully completed and ready for service.

This was informed by the management of PEACE Cable whose officials held online and in person meeting with Chairman PTA, Maj. Gen. Amir Azeem Bajwa (R) at PTA Headquarters. The delegation comprised of Peace Management COO, Mr. Sun Xiaohua, Peace Management Director Mr. Zhang Donghai, Commercial Director Mr. Chirs Zhang, (Online) and Peace Cable, Country Manager Pakistan, Mr. Shoaib Ashfaq Qureshi, (In Person).

The delegation expressed its interest for investment opportunities in Pakistan and discussed future plans for development of innovative digital & technology solutions to accelerate progress towards Digitally Connected Pakistan.

 PEACE cable is a 15,000 km submarine cable from Pakistan to France. Extended from Pakistan to Singapore for an additional 6,500km, with main trunk landing in Singapore, Pakistan. Kenya, Egypt and France and branches to the Maldives, Malta, Cyprus, etc. This submarine cable adds an ultra-fast, high capacity, low latency and redundant connectivity to Pakistan’s international connectivity.

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