Zong 4G and Sehat Kahani collaborate to provide immediate medical relief to Flood

Zong 4G and Sehat Kahani collaborate to provide immediate medical relief to Flood

The recent floods have been one of the worst calamities
to hit Pakistan in recent years. With over 33 million people impacted, immediate support is
required to help the affected people. As a socially responsible organization Zong was first to
step forward and collaborate with Sehat Kahani to set up Medical Camps in Sindh, which is one
most-impacted provinces of the country.
In collaboration with Sehat Kahani, the company established three medical camps in the worst-
affected areas of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, Bhit Shah, Dadu& Khairpur. These medical camps
offered free medical consultations, gave awareness about the prevalent diseases and also
prescribed and provided medications for viral diseases along with nutritional support.
“Our country is in dire need of relief, amid the flooding and in wake of this humanitarian crisis,
Zong 4G is standing by Pakistan. These medical camps will provide the immediate medical relief
to people as they fight the many diseases rising in the after-math of floods. As a socially
responsible company, we will continue our efforts in ensuring that Zong 4G unites and connects
Pakistan during these challenging times.”
Dr. Sara Saeed Khurram, “Zong 4G has always been Sehat Kahani’s partner and support in times
of need. As the worst floods in the history and Sindh was most effected, Zong4G acted urgently
to support us in reaching out to the worst affected communities with medical aid and
supplies.We are truly humbled by their continued support. More than 5000 patients have been
treated in our camps as a result of our collaboration and we hope to continue this impact
through more communities affected by this crisis.”
The company’s employees have also stepped up to volunteer and help with the logistical needs
of the medical camps, as well as other on-the-ground relief activities. With Zong 4G’s state-of-
the-art connectivity technology and Sehat Kahani’s medical expertise coming together, the
program is well positioned to provide reliable and high-quality medical care to all those
devastated by the natural calamity. Both organizations are fully committed to prioritizing
needs of the people of Pakistan above all else and estimate that between thousands of people
will be served at these three medical camps per day.

By leveraging its industry-leading

partnerships with various CSR partners in the areas of E-health and Tele-medicine, Zong 4G is
committed to continue working for the rehabilitation and relief of flood-affected people across
the country in this time of need. The company had previously partnered with Sehat Kahani to
provide more than 12000 health sessions to the underprivileged during the COVID Pandemic.

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