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PTCL Group engages IBM for Business Transformation through RISE with SAP on Amazon Web Services

PTCL & Ufone kicked off their corporate business transformation
leveraging RISE with SAP at the core of their organization with the goal to drive efficiency, effectiveness,
and innovation. The announcement was made at a signing ceremony held at GITEX Global 2022 in Dubai,
UAE, where senior executives from collaborating organizations participated including PTCL & Ufone,
SAP, IBM, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

RISE with SAP embeds SAP S/4HANA, a leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) application providing
optimization of resource allocation, real-time data insights, streamlining business processes, and
bridging organizational information silos. The SAP offering will be implemented by IBM with AWS being
the Cloud platform of choice. PTCL & Ufone will be the first telecommunications provider in Pakistan to
benefit from a combination of leading offerings for SAP implementation services with IBM, Hyperscaler
Cloud services with AWS, and an ERP solution with SAP.

“Pakistan is one of the fastest growing markets for SAP’s enterprise and corporate solutions and the
Telecommunication sector is swift to take the lead in embracing new ERP systems and adopting digital
innovations through the Cloud,” said Saquib Ahmad, Country Managing Director, SAP Pakistan.

The business transformation project aims to enable PTCL & Ufone to offer Cloud services, modernize
business processes, and gain better business insights. With S/4HANA and its underlying HANA database,
PTCL & Ufone can access data on demand and share it with relevant departments in near real-time to
significantly improve business operations, collaborate more effectively with partners, and serve their
customers better. Companies adopting RISE with SAP can accelerate their digital transformation and
innovation objectives and access new business models and markets faster. The reduction of duplication
of efforts through improved business insight, while ensuring increased transparency, help organizations
gain necessary competitiveness and in the information age. This will be the largest business
transformation project on RISE with S/4HANA in the corporate sector in Pakistan, to-date.

“We are honored to migrate PTCL and Ufone towards a new operational journey as the first mover in
the region, which will ultimately become the footprint for advancement in the operations of Pakistan’s
Telecom sector,” said Hatem Bamatraf, President and Group CEO, PTCL & Ufone.
Elaborating on the same, Asif Ahmad, Country Sales Head, IBM Pakistan, said “Adoption of RISE with SAP
will empower PTCL and Ufone to embrace new models of business, design internal and external
resources and use the accuracy of AI for informed decision-making.”

PTCL & Ufone decided to have the SAP S/4HANA landscape hosted on AWS, a leading global Cloud
services provider. With over one million customers globally today, AWS is providing over 200 Cloud
services to host an array of applications, including SAP, reliably, securely, resiliently, and highly

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