vivo Redefining Consumer Experience through World-Class

vivo Redefining Consumer Experience through World-Class

vivo Redefining Consumer Experience through World-Class

Technology and Efficient Customer Service

Buying a smartphone is not a one-step process. It involves extensive research before the purchase
and after-care post purchase. vivo, as a consumer-centric brand, has been working for making this
entire usage cycle easier to navigate for consumers through its enhanced customer service.

Since 2017, vivo is committed to offering world-class technologies and top-notch services to its
consumers in Pakistan. Guided by the BENFEN philosophy of doing the right things and doing things
right, vivo strives to enrich and positively impact the lives of its consumers.

In an effort for advanced integration into the Pakistani consumer market, vivo has been guided by its
“More Local, More Global” approach — endeavouring to bring global technologies like 5G, Artificial
Intelligence and Advanced Imaging Systems to local consumers.

Moreover, vivo recognizes the importance of local talent, culture, and customer preferences, and
thus, has converged its efforts with them for several campaigns. Going beyond just the individual
consumer, vivo has also extended its support to the country and its population by investing in
establishing a domestic manufacturing plant.
As a brand, vivo has a close-knit relationship with its customers. All efforts, whether it be designing
new products or conducting research for advanced technologies, are geared towards enhancing the
lives of consumers.

Every step of the way, customers have supported vivo, expressing their love and enthusiasm for its
efforts. Thus, to ensure more accessibility for consumers, an extensive offline and online network of
customer services has been established in Pakistan. No matter where the customers are, they can
reach vivo quickly. With 9200+ retail stores and 18 exclusive service centres — users can make the
best of vivo’s services.

Moreover, vivo Service Day — hosted on the 21 st of every month is an effort on vivo’s behalf to give
back to its customers. vivo understands the importance of after-sale smartphone care, and thus, on

this day, customers get free after-sales services such as cleaning, disinfecting, system recovery and
software upgrades, protective stickers, 1-hour flash repair and maintenance without labor charges.
In order to ensure a seamless customer service experience, vivo offers quick customer support
through calls. The on-call hotline number 0800-00111 is accessible for customers to ask questions
about their smartphones. The number is functional from 9:00AM to 6:00PM barring public holidays.
vivo’s trained teams are at the service of the consumers to resolve any concern, with an assured
response within twenty-four hours.

Ensuring further accessibility via Facebook and e-mail inquiries, no stone has been left unturned in
helping consumers meet their every need by providing prompt responses. In addition to these, to
express gratitude to consumers, vivo offers deals and conducts local campaigns as well.
The consumer-centric approach has been at the heart of vivo’s product development, aimed at
fulfilling the variety of needs and wants of consumers. The Y, V, and X series have thus been
developed to best suit the diversity of consumer needs.

The Y series, for instance, has hailed as the ideal companion for the young consumer, offering a
flagship smartphone experience on a budget. The V series, with its magical color-changing feature, is
accompanied by a stellar performance and brilliant camera features that aid users in all their
professional and creative pursuits.

In terms of camera technology, one may look no further than the X series, crafted in partnership with
ZEISS, offering imaging technology that is comparable to professional cameras. For aspiring
photographers and filmmakers, the X series offers ideal tools without the hassle of purchasing
expensive camera equipment.

Through an innovation-led approach, vivo strives to delight customers with a premium smartphone
user experience and efficient customer support. vivo’s efforts are committed to establishing a
personal relationship with consumers and helping them every step of the way.

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