STATE OF THE ART 24/7 Advanced Urgent Care Clinic Opens in Lahore

STATE OF THE ART 24/7 Advanced Urgent Care Clinic Opens in Lahore

Cognitive Healthcare International announced the launch of their 24/7 advanced urgent care clinic,named eClinic, that incorporatesartificial intelligence & machine learning along withsuperiormedical expertise, remote monitoring devices &mobile applications to enhance patient experience by providing better quality care, immediate access to health records,and bridging the reach gap between doctors & patients.

Located at Raya Fairway Commercial, Phase 6, Lahore, the launch eventstarted at 11 am and was attended by renowned doctors, influencers, as well as members of the general public/friends of CHI. Founder&CEO of Cognitive Healthcare International, Mr. Faisal Nawazremarked: “We are very excited to introduce a 24/7 urgent care clinic in Pakistan. Not only does eClinic digitize healthcare, making it efficient, it also improves the patient journey as compared to the traditional clinic experience”.He added thatthe goal of eClinic was to provide accessibility of the highest quality care within an optimal and efficient environment while ensuring the most beneficial patient treatment in a fast, convenient & affordable manner.

Upon asking the need to introduce a new clinic, the Medical Director, Dr. Faisal Javed remarked that eClinic can help reduce the volume of patients in hospitals & emergency rooms by providing an accessible alternative. “At eClinic, you will receive quality urgent care, in a timely and affordable manner”, he said.

eClinic offersa multitude of services thatbenefit patients over other traditional clinics, like:

  • 24/7 Round the Clock Urgent Care (walk-in or prebooked)
  • Use of Smart Monitoring Devices
  • In-app teleconsultation with a pool of GP & Specialists
  • Availability of a Mini Lab for instant diagnosis & results
  • Elderly & Homecare Services
  • Real Time Data Management
  • Online Symptom Checkers
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