vivo Visual Creator Short Film Contest — A Chance to  Win Cash Prizes and Amazing Awards

vivo Visual Creator Short Film Contest — A Chance to Win Cash Prizes and Amazing Awards

Vivo, a leading brand in the smartphone industry, launched its latest X series smartphone — the vivo X80
in Pakistan that is a culmination of design, technology and innovation. Through the release of the latest X
series device, vivo collaborated with renowned Pakistani Director Hamza Lari. As part of
“Stories.Redefined.” campaign, Hamza Lari directed a short film named “Imtehan”, shot entirely on vivo
X80 — showcasing its Imaging Capabilities. It aimed to provide professional filmmakers and
photographers the opportunity to test the image quality of this newly launched smartphone.

Taking the success of the short film into account, vivo has initiated its Visual Creator Short Film contest
globally. Through this campaign, the brand encourages young directors, university students and new-age
filmmakers to take part in this competition by creating their own world of cinematography with the help of
a smartphone.
The competition aims to unravel hidden talents in the world of cinematography through this challenge.
The competition will take place until October 24, 2022 in Pakistan. Users are requested to upload their
videos to social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) with the hashtag #vivoVisualCreator
#OurStoryRedefined and tag (@) an official vivo account (local or global vivo account) in their posts.
The contestants would also need to email the video to [email protected] with their name,
social media account/email address, county and some personal remarks about the background of the
video created.

Being one of the Jury members Xianhui Zhao, Imaging Expert at vivo, said “The imaging technology of
the X80 is designed to support filmmakers by providing them with a hassle-free tool that helps bring their
vision to life. This contest aims to encourage aspiring filmmakers and cinematographers to experiment
and showcase their creative storytelling abilities, by providing them a platform for recognition and
appreciation. We welcome you to claim this as an opportunity for personal and professional learning and
growth, and encourage you to participate in large numbers. We are sure that each participant will have
something unique to offer, and we look forward to reviewing all the entries”.
A total of 12 awards will be awarded to the contestants, including 5 Global Awards and 7 Regional
Awards, for which the winners will be announced on November 11, 2022. The award-winning contestants
will receive a certificate, one vivo X80 series smartphone, professional reviews from the jury, a vivo
official promotion, $3000 for each of the regional awards and $7000 for each of the global awards as the
prize reward from vivo for their excellent performance.
Hamza Lari, renowned director in Pakistan, said, “At the launch of vivo X80, I was surprised to see how
flawless and powerful hardware has been inculcated in the smartphone, designed to create magic! Its
tremendous features got me excited to shoot ‘Imtehan’ entirely on the X80. It has been a wonderful
experience for me, the smartphone has definitely redefined the world of photography and videography to
capture stories in a unique way”. Adding further, he stated, “Working with vivo, I discovered that anyone
with a desire to express themselves or tell a story already has the equipment needed in their hand. It is a
unique opportunity given to participants to see the world through the lens of their passion. I encourage
emerging filmmakers to put their smartphones to use and experiment with distinctive styles when
shooting films. It will help them gain new perspectives, which will eventually foster future filmmaking
progress and bring novel ideas of storytelling to light.”
The film is shot beautifully using unique creative angles and shooting techniques like pan, dolly, tilt, and
zoom. It depicts life in an ordinary setting and highlights the journey of students during exam time. The
imaging capabilities of the X80 provided the appropriate tools for successfully capturing the film's
nuanced and unconventional plot, which received critical acclaim from audiences and reviewers.
Overall, vivo smartphones have always gained recognition and attention for their camera and versatility
but the synergy with ZEISS Professional Imaging has ensured that the users experience professional
photography at its best.
vivo’s X80 features a 50MP Ultra-Sensing Sensor Camera, a 12 MP Portrait Camera and a 12MP Wide-
Angle Camera on the main panel that had made professional imaging a reality. Furthermore, with ZEISS
as a partner, comes ZEISS Professional Imaging which includes an array of features that enhances the
camera system surpassing expectations.
Additionally, Sport Mode further enhanced X80’s dynamic capabilities with the wonders of Camera
Panning throughout the shoot. This feature has portrait tracking technology, which can reduce motion blur
caused by shaky hands. Furthermore, the device’s Active Centering OIS System and 360° Horizon
Leveling Stabilization feature maximize the stabilization range of each frame to ensure high video quality
while shooting indoors or outdoor.
ZEISS T* Coating on rear cameras further enhanced light transmission and help to reduce night
reflectivity such as flare and ghosting. vivo has always believed in cutting-edge photography and
cinematography and will continue to aspire toward making superior technology accessible to everyone.

This contest is vivo & # 39s way of promoting smartphone photography and videography in the country. As a
brand that holds pride in its camera technology, vivo is rightfully the best host to take upon this challenge
with the launch of the X80. The X80 gives power to an average user to become a professional
photographer and videographer just by using well-qualified equipment that is the all-new vivo X80.

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